4 People We Think Should Replace Louis Walsh On The X Factor

4 People We Think Should Replace Louis Walsh On The X Factor

It looks like it's goodbye to Louis Walsh – so who would we like to see take his seat on the X Factor judging panel?

After 11 long years, Louis Walsh has said farewell to the X Factor and life as a judge on the reality TV show, joining Dermot O'Leary and Sharon Osbourne in the X Factor Hall of Fame.

While it's still not entirely clear whether he jumped or was pushed (Simon Cowell is rumoured to have sacked him, although sources close to both say otherwise), one thing's for sure: there's a seat on the panel that needs filling. Pronto.

Sure, we're going to miss Louis and his playground spats with Simon, but we won't be sad to see the back of the novelty acts he so loved to put through round after round. And, lovely as it looked, we're certain that nobody's going to be disappointed not to get the chance to go to Louis house in Ireland for bootcamp, when everyone else was jetting off to the Bahamas.

So who would we like to see take Louis place? At the moment, Nick Grimshaw seems to be a hot favourite. And we can see why: funny, young and counts Alexa Chung and Kate Moss amongst his many A-list BFFs. Plus, as a Radio 1 DJ, he actually knows what people under the age of 35 are listening to (unlike some other members of the panel). Here are some other names we'd like to see take up a seat next to Simon and Cheryl…

Marvin Humes
Now that JLS has disbanded, we reckon its high time one of them made their way back to the X Factor. Not only would Marvin know what he was talking about, having been through the whole process himself, but he's pretty easy on the eye too…


Jeremy Clarkson
Can. You. Imagine? We're not exactly the wildest fans of Jezzer Clarkson, but we would like to see him rile Simon. And we'd also like to see him at the wrong end of one of Cheryl's Geordie slapdowns. Plus, now that he's lost his Top Gear gig, he probably needs something to fill his time…


Steve Jones
Where is Steve Jones? Seriously. Ever since he left T4, he's been criminally absent from our television screens. Sure, he co-hosts a Channel 4 cookery show with Lisa Snowdon every Saturday morning (little plug for you there, Steve), but we say it's high time Mr Jones returned to primetime TV. And, after all, he did present The X Factor USA, so he's definitely qualified. Although something tells us him and Simon may not be on the best terms…


Andi Peters
Come on, who could be better than Andi Peters? The former Live and Kicking (yes, we're that old) presenter has popped up on the X Factor in the past (at that bit when they press the Christmas single, randomly), but we reckon Andi would be great on the panel. He's funny, clever and just, well, loveable. Hire him, Simon!

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