1. Novak Djokovic Loves Being A Tourist

When he's not rocking a racket, he loves to relax by visiting London's museums. This time he's penciled in a visit to the Natural History Museum. "I hear there's a giant dinosaur that I can't wait to see," he told us.

2. Roger Federer Doesn't Care About Losing

The Swiss pro used to get angry on court – just google Roger Federer + cross and you'll see some excellent examples of his best angry face moments. But that's all in the past. Nowadays, he doesn't let anything get to him. Explaining it took him a while to master his new zen on court approach he said "I'm too successful to care about losing anymore so I don't let anything get to me." Confident? Yes, but if you can't be confident after winning 17 grand slam champions then when can you? 

Roger Federer

3. Andy Murray Wishes His Mum Would Stop Embarrassing Him on Strictly

We've all seen Andy's mum Judy cheering him on from the tennis stands but Andy isn't so keen on Judy's dancing. "She's trying her best but she's a bit stiff." So will he being doing the fox trot with her around the family kitchen come Christmas time. "I'm sure she'll have me up to give it a go," he joked. 

Judy Murray, Strictly Come Dancing

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By Chloe Mac Donnell / @tweetchloe