Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies


1) Leaving the office at 5.30pm on Thursday

2) When we remember it's a four day weekend

3) When our friend comes to meet us for after-work drinks on Thursday

4) When we drink too much and try to kiss our hot colleague

5) Then feel VERY hungover the next day

6) When we've eaten all our mini eggs and want our friend to give us some of hers

7) Then our other friend tries to eat them

8) When we find our housemate's secret stash of mini eggs

9) Then get a head rush from eating too much sugar

10) Getting ready to go out on Saturday night

11) Rushing to get the train back our parents' house on Sunday morning

12) When our family start annoying us on Sunday afternoon

13) When our family are still annoying us

14) When we settle on the sofa on Sunday night for a Netflix marathon

15) When we've nipped away for an Easter spa break

16) Waking up in bed on Easter Monday and remembering we don't have to go to work

17) Waking up on Tuesday morning and realising we do have to go to work

18) When we get into work and look at our inbox

19) When we realise all we've eaten this weekend is chocolate


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