The X Factor Drinking Game: One Million Per Cent Yes

The X Factor Drinking Game: One Million Per Cent Yes

ITV's glitter canon, smoke-machine and tear-filled TV bonanza is back. Here's 24 things we definitely saw coming this year (plus our very own X Factor drinking game)

Even with a refreshed judging panel and the promise of a 'shake-up' in the structure, there are a few things we knew would definitely happen in this year's X Factor. We've rounded up 24 things which we 100% saw coming, plus scroll down for your very own X Factor drinking game to play one last time during the final. 

1) Someone will be 'doing this for my Mum' [cut to Mum standing in the wings crying]

2) A Cheryl Fernandez-Versini fan will get overwhelmed, cry and forget the words. Cheryl will walk up on stage and hug her. 

3) A 16-year-old contestant in a trilby will cover Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud

4) An auditionee's granny will come on stage and tell off Simon

5) Nick Grimshaw say yes to someone silly to annoy Simon

6) Down to earth Mum of three will belt out a Whitney Houston track

7) Simon will then say 'Look. What I like about you is...'

8) During a particularly moving audition, Cheryl will glance at Simon and smile

9) Caroline and Olly will give an awkward interview with a carcrash act after they've got four nos

10) Contestant will say 'this isn't the last you've seen of me' then it probably will be the last we ever see of them. 

11) A judge will say, 'I have some bad news...' [seven second pause] 'you're through to the next round'

12) At the judges houses, a contestant will be filmed from a distance walking along a tropical beach deep in thought

13) "This is all I've ever wanted to do" - every single contestant 

14) Cheryl will stand over a table of headshots and say 'this is so much harder than I thought it would be' 

15) In week one, one of the Overs will sing Purple Rain 

16) A gospel choir will be revealed from behind a curtain in the final key change

17) Someone will refer to Rita and Cheryl's outfits as a 'battle'

18) Rita will say 'a million per cent yes'

19) A babyfaced boyband will do well every week only to get knocked out in the semi-finals

20) Simon will roll his eyes and say 'that was abysmal'

21) One judge will accuse another of a 'poor song choice'

22) Olly will bear hug a contestant 

23) Voiceover man will say 'IT'S TIME. TO FACE. THE MUUUUUUSIC'

24) We will all try and pretend we're not going to be watching it this year. And then basically cancel all our Saturday night plans until Christmas.

The X Factor Drinking Game (for over 18s only)

Have a sip of your drink when any of the following happens: 

Anyone says the word 'competition' 

The camera pans across of huge crowd of people doing the X Factor arms

Simon says 'what I like about you...' 

Rita Ora says 'WOW' 

Caroline Flack does a belly laugh

Cheryl winks at a contestant

An auditionee gets a standing ovation

Nick Grimshaw giggles 

Anyone sings Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud

A contestant is doing it for 'their Mum' 

Someone brings a big crowd of family in friends in matching teeshirts

Any time there's a bad singing 'coming up' montage 

When Simon rolls his eyes 

A judge says 'why are you here today?' 

When a judge says 'it's a no from me' 

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