14 Things Every Woman Thought When She First Saw Caitlyn Jenner

14 Things Every Woman Thought When She First Saw Caitlyn Jenner
Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner has bravely revealed her true self to the world and what happened next was acceptance, love and a lot of praise. Here are the thoughts *every* woman had when she laid eyes on her for the first time...

Caitlyn Jenner, formally known has Bruce, met the world yesterday for the first time has her July cover for Vanity Fair magazine was unveiled and we're happy to say that the reception that she received after revealing her new identity was just as it should have been — accepting. 

Caitlyn's road to womanhood has been a long one and for the last few months she has talked candidly about the daily struggles of living out her very public transformation. However, now that the stunning shoot — shot by the high priestess of photography Annie Leibovitz — has sent the Internet into meltdown and infiltrated the Twitter and Instagram feeds of just about everyone we know, in the words of Caitlyn, she's now completely free. 

And even though we knew Caitlyn Jenner was going to make her big reveal soon, nothing could prepare us for just how amazing she looks. We're big enough to admit that we're a little jealous of her beauty, and we're certainly not the only ones. Here are the very honest thoughts every woman had when she first laid eyes on Caitlyn Jenner... 

1. *Scrolls through Instagram feed* 'Is that Cindy Crawford on the cover of Vanity Fair? She looks mega.'

2. 'Wait, is it actually Jessica Lange?! Babin'.'

3. 'Hang on — who is Caitlyn?'

4. 'Wait, THIS is Caitlyn Jenner? As in the KUWTK Jenner's?'

5. 'Ok, Caitlyn Jenner is definitely hotter than I am.'

6. 'Seriously, those legs are insane. I really ought to take up running...'

7. 'And where did those amazing boobs come from? I wish I looked this good in a basque.'

8. 'I really need to buy new sexy underwear. The pants I'm currently wearing are not magazine cover-worthy, that's for sure.'

9. 'But is there any point? It won't nearly as good on me anyhow.'

10. 'Her hair is GLORIOUS.'

11. 'She is so brave.' 

12. 'I wish my hair could look this good every day.'

13. 'Blow-dries are severely underrated.'

14. 'The world is actually an amazing place. I'm proud to be a member of the human race right now.' 

Welcome to the world, Caitlyn. 

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