My Idol: Why Celebrities (And Us) Are Obsessed With The Chinese App

My Idol: Why Celebrities (And Us) Are Obsessed With The Chinese App

It's the Chinese app that has gone viral, with freaky lifelike avatars spamming everyone's social media feeds...

If you have an Instagram or Twitter account then you're more than likely to have seen a lot of weird lifelike avatars of your friends and celebrities popping up on your newsfeed over the past few days. From pole-dancing to Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back' to dramatically belting out Frozen's "Let It Go" - they're a bit weird, a bit creepy but totally hilarious. And it's all thanks to the Chinese app "My Idol" that is now trending on the Apple app store.

Although, the app is entirely in Chinese it's pretty straight forward to figure out how to use it. Once you've downloaded the free app, you take a selfie and upload it. Then you can customise it, changing hair and eye colour, outfits from the normcore - jeans and a shirt - to the ridiculous - superman suit anyone? But it's the situations that you can put your doppelgänger in that really cause an outburst of giggles - think walking down a runway, pole-dancing and revving around on a motorcycle.. But it's not just us that have become slightly obsessed with the app. Check out our favourite celebrity avatars below...

Miley Cyrus

#trufflebutter @anderssonjj

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Sam Smith


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John Mayer

Stefano Gabbana


Joan Smalls

Plus these random creations of celebrities and public figures are also pretty funny too...

Zayn Malik


Hilary Clinton

President Barack Obama


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