Zayn’s Terminator, Kayne’s Data And Jourdan’s C-3PO: Sci-Fi Character LOLZ At The Met

Zayn’s Terminator, Kayne’s Data And Jourdan’s C-3PO: Sci-Fi Character LOLZ At The Met

The theme was fashion and technology: InStyle’s fashion features editor celebrates the stars that had a sense of humour about the whole thing

The theme for this year’s Met Gala was fashion and technology. Now, although it’s not technically a fancy dress party, and I get that these people are celebrities and don’t want to risk making a fool of themselves, I’m a big fan of getting on board with a theme no matter who you are. I’m not talking about wearing something vaguely metallic like most of the attendees chose to do (yawn); I’m talking about being a brave, dropping that ego and finding your sense of humour. Because no-one likes the girl at a fancy dress party that actually looks really good, right? Take it from someone who once wanted to go as Penfold to my husband’s Danger Mouse at a super heroes and villains party (he insisted we went as Batman and Batgirl in the end. He didn’t want to wear white tights. Fair enough I suppose).

Anyway, in celebration of those stars who rocked up having made a proper effort (and for the sake of a few LOLs), here are my top themed looks from the night, and the sci-fi characters and robots they may (or may not) have been channelling.

8. Kanye West
Inspiration: Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation

While I wasn’t a fan of the rest of Kanye’s rhinestone cowboy look, his contacts had me thinking of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. In fact, I’d have much preferred Kanye’s look if he’d gone for a retro Federation two-tone sweater instead of that embellished jacket #obvious

7. Kendall Jenner
Inspiration: Mystique from X-Men

If you actually do have a body that’s toned enough to look good if it were painted with blue scales (it reportedly took up to 8 hours to get Jennifer Lawrence through make-up when she played the character), you might as well wear a dress like this.


6. Tabitha Simmons
Inspiration: Princess Amidala from Star Wars

Perhaps not the first person you’d expect to go for it big time at an event like this, the British shoe designer went all Star Wars on us in full Princess Amidala regalia. Top marks.

5. Kim Kardashian
Inspiration: Ava from Ex Machina

Cindy Crawford also looked to Alicia Vikander’s character in the A.I. movie, but Kim’s was the most robotic. It's just a shame she didn't go that one step further and shave her head.

4. Jourdan Dunn
Inspiration: C-3PO from Star Wars

There were a few contendors in the ‘most C-3PO outfit of the night’ category, but Jourdan wins it hands down. She’d have got extra marks for one red sleeve but you can’t have it all (niche joke for Star Wars geeks, there).

3. Zayn Malik
Inspiration: The Terminator

In an outfit that would have had Michael Jackson sending jealous vibes from beyond the grave, Zayn wins the award for taking the dress code most literally. We can only hope that the DJ played Axel-F so that Mr Gigi Hadid could throw some robotic moves on the dancefloor…


2. Lupita Nyong’o
Inspiration: Aayla Secura from Star Wars

She plays Maz Kanata in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but as one of Lupita’s favourite colours is green (I’m speculating here, but she wears it a LOT), it made sense to go as another character from the series: Aayla Secura (she has green skin, obvs). Added bonus? The opportunity to try a vertical hair-do.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker
Inspiration: Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth

Unexpected favourite of the night? SJP’s moving tribute to David Bowie. I don’t even care that there’s no technology in the film. She’s my number one. Deal with it.

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