How Rich Are The Cast of Made In Chelsea, Really?

How Rich Are The Cast of Made In Chelsea, <em>Really</em>?

They live in London’s plushest borough and their days are filled with blowdries and blowout parties. But how rich are the cast of Made In Chelsea, really?

Jamie Laing might have a world-renowned confectionary business in his bloodline, and Lucy and Tiff Watson are set to inherit several very posh pubs. But they weren’t all born posh. Plenty of the SW3 dwellers have become self-made millionaires off the back of the show. Here’s a countdown of the net worth of the most memorable cast members past and present…

Stephanie Pratt's Net Worth 

Estimated net worth: £300,000
Moneymakers: Reality shows including Laguna Beach, The Hills, Celebrity Big Brother and Celebs Go Dating.

Stephanie’s career started far from Chelsea in LA, but her reality roots saw her cross paths with bad boy Spencer Matthews and make it onto the show as  one of his many love interests. Despite being prolific with a career as a serial TV star, she falls on the lower end of the MIC rich list.

Alex Mytton's Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £600,000
Moneymakers: His DJ credentials.

Alex has forged a successful career in music since starring in the show, he’s released a single and tours the country playing clubs. He’s also an ambassador for alcohol app Bevy. Chin chin.

Ollie Locke Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £6 million
Moneymakers: His autobiography and an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

Ollie’s not from Chelsea, or even London. Binky’s BFF hails from Southampton and when MIC began he was front of house at Raffles club. But he’s proved himself a great entrepreneur, with his tell-all book, Laid In Chelsea, becoming a best-seller. He also has a gay dating app called Chappy.

Lucy Watson Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £650,000
Moneymakers: A jewellery line, modelling deals and magazine columns.

Lucy and Tiff’s dad is a savvy businessman, who owns Chelsea pub The Phene (which has appeared on MIC, naturally), and has sold a former pub business for tens of millions. But Lucy is fast building her own fortune thanks to jewellery line Creature and a string of modelling contracts for brands like Very after signing with Models 1.

Oliver Proudlock Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £5 million
Moneymakers: A clothing line and modelling deals.

Proudlock did go to Eton after all, so you can trust he’s from very posh stock. And not only that, he graduated the same year as Prince Harry. Since becoming a less regular presence on the show, he’s forged a successful career in fashion, with his brand Serge DeNimes collaborated with brands like Oliver Sweeney and jewellery designer Theo Fennell.

Fredrik Ferrier Net Worth

Estimated net worth: Hundreds of thousands
Moneymakers: Dealing in art.

Fredrik grew up travelling the world with his family and has used his international connections to found a private art dealership called GEIST. Oh, and he’s a model, naturally.

Binky Felsted Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £1.4 million
Moneymakers: A clothing range, makeup line, autobiography and modelling deals.

Like her BFF Ollie, Binky isn’t an original Chelsea girl, she’s from a more rural high class background, hailing from East Sussex. But her MIC connections have done her well and she’s built a fashion and beauty empire with a clothing range for InTheStyle and a cosmetics line named Binky London. She's now a mum to baby India so watch this space for a baby line.

Rosie Fortescue Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £1.1 million
Moneymakers: A jewellery line and fashion collaborations.

Rosie attended Downe House, the same school as the Duchess of Cambridge - so she was always in pretty good stead to make it big. Since starring in MIC she’s forged a career in fashion with her own namesake jewellery line and collaborations with designers including Covert Cases and Laura Gravestock.

Josh Patterson Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £2.5 million
Moneymakers: Property development and modelling.

Binky’s other-half has a traditional day job as a property developer, hence he has a small fortune under his belt. But like many of his co-stars his reality star good looks mean he also makes money from modelling, having fronted health, fitness and fashion campaigns.

Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £800,000
Moneymakers: Family money

Toff actually hails from Torquey rather than illustrious Chelsea but she’s still got a very wealthy family behind her. As for her own career credentials, she’s putting her politics degree to good use with a career in journalism working for The Lady.

Jamie Laing Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £2 million
Moneymakers: A confectionary business.

Jamie is heir to the McVities throne, and despite his party boy persona, he’s a shrewd businessman in his own right. Jamie’s Candy Kitten’s sweets and clothes brand has really taken off, stocked in high-end retailers like Waitrose and Harvey Nichols. It even has its own recipe book.

Millie Mackintosh Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £2 million
Moneymakers: Modelling, a fashion line and her own faux eyelash line.

Millie’s great grandfather invented Quality Streets and while the business has since been sold, we imagine there’s a nice fortune in the waiting. She’s also forged one of the show’s most successful careers in her own right with her recently relaunched eponymous fashion line, stocked at ASOS, and her line of faux lashes inspired by her former career as a makeup artist. 

Hugo Taylor Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £3 million
Moneymakers: A sunglass line and appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

One of the oldest MIC cast members and also one of the wealthiest is Hugo Taylor. He was genuinely made in Chelsea, born at Belgravia hospital and has built his own empire, having co-founded sunglasses brand Taylor Morris in 2013.

Spencer Matthews Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £2.9 million
Moneymakers: Property shares.

Even before appearing on MIC, Spencer already had a successful career as a foreign exchange trader which saw him earning triple figures, but it's shares in estates in Knightsbridge and the South of France which make up the biggest share of the Chelsea boy’s wealth. He also earned a six-figure deal for his autobiography Confessions of a Chelsea Boy.

Francis Boulle Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £10 million
Moneymakers: Diamond broking.

Yes, you read that correctly. Boulle is as posh as they come, with a diamond mining business in his family and now his own independent diamond brokerage. As we’ve seen on the show, he’s always looking for new investments for his millions, and has his hand in several tech start-ups.

Amber Atherton Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £4-5 million
Moneymakers: A major fashion company.

Remember Amber? Well, even if she wasn’t one of the most memorable cast members, she’s definitely one of the most successful off-screen. Her fashion company My Flash Trash is valued at a whopping $5 million. It’s even been worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Rihanna - an eclectic mix of fans, for sure.

Louise Thompson Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £1.2 million
Moneymakers: A fashion line

Like Rosie, Louise attended the same school as K-Mid, and as one of the most long-standing cast members she’s forged a successful career with her clothes label Pocket London. Judging by her Instagram those #spons put her in pretty good stead too.

Olivia Bentley Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £600,000
Moneymakers: Photography exhibitions and dealing

Olivia entered the show with an exhibition of nudes of all the major female MIC cast members, and her photography is  her source of income off-screen. She’s sold her pieces to both corporate and private clients.

Mark-Francis Vandelli Net Worth

Estimated net worth: £2 million
Moneymakers: He’s a man of leisure.

Mark-Francis is well equipped to hand out those etiquette lessons given that he’s descended from actual royalty. He inherited the fortune of his Russian princess mother, Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli, who was a muse to Yves Saint-Laurent in the 70s. Plus, his dad is former Italian industrialist Marzio Vandelli.

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