Meet Machine Gun Kelly: The Rapper About To Tear Up Your Summer Playlist


Becoming part of Machine Gun Kelly's entourage, if only for one hour, is quite the experience indeed. But not for the reasons you might think. Just in case you don't know MGK (as he's known to his fans), he's an international rapper - with a casual 2.9 million Instagram followers - and he's featured on songs with Little Mix, Kid Rock and Camilla Cabello. A big deal much?

I went to meet him backstage at the infamous KOKO in Camden to find him hanging out with little more than a publicist, manager and brother - and he excitedly wants to show me his Comme Des Garcons haul from Dover Street Market. Trust me when I say, for an artist, that is so low-key. And that's the surprising thing about Machine Gun Kelly: he's at the top of his rapping game but he's warm, friendly and charming beyond belief. In essence, totally un-rapper-like. 


Following a verse-stealing appearance on Little Mix’s No More Sad Songs, MGK has firmly transitioned to the mainstream from his humble beginnings in Cleveland, Ohio. The hoards of fans queuing in a Disneyland-fashion around the back of the venue - 9 hours ahead of his headline gig - are testament to that fact.

On the surface, Machine Gun Kelly, standing at 6 ft 3 inches, covered in tattoos with bold mohican air and pale blue eyes, is not someone I would typically imagine myself hanging with. But Machine Gun Kelly is beyond passionate about his music, compelling company and more than willing to take the piss out of himself - easpecially when he confused Justin Bieber’s lyric, ‘tell me what you like yeah tell me what you don’t/ I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe,” for a rap lyric. It seems Machine Gun Kelly is a very rare rapper indeed, and here is everything you need to know about who we're dubbing the next big name in rap music…


He had our dream job… working in Chipotle!

Before making it as ‘someone’ MGK was dishing up the Tacos in Chipotle. Imagine all those free burritos. Jealous. Much?!

He doesn’t ‘get’ Adele’s Hello or Harry Style's lyrics…

See below…

Machine Gun Kelly is one of the few rappers to play guitar on stage…

Talking to Rolling Stone earlier this year, Machine Gun Kelly discussed being a guitar playing rapper, “that's why I first picked up the guitar. It seemed like that was missing from this generation. Is there someone who can play guitar better than me technically? One hundred percent. But does anyone look better playing a guitar in my generation? Absolutely not.” Taylor Swift you better step up your game, hun!


Machine Gun Kelly is more than just a rapper…

He can act too! MGK has starred alongside Minnie Driver in Beyond The Lights and Emma Roberts and Dave Franco in Nerve.

The personal life DL…

MGK has an 8 year-old daughter, Casie, who encouraged him to clean up his act once she learnt the art of ‘Googling.' Those pesky children and their internet using ways!


Machine Gun Kelly’s collab with Camila Cabello went double platinum…

Fresh from her Fifth Harmony split, Camila Cabello went into the recording studio with MGK and produced the banging track, Bad Things. Testament to this ability to give pop stars considerable ‘edge’ the song went double platinum and earned the pair a Billboard Award nomination. This has since led to the rapper collaborating with Hailee Steinfeld.

He identifies as an anarchist…

Visually MGK is very much the punk – exemplified by his ‘anarchy’ tattoo - but the comparisons don’t stop at the visual. Speaking to Clash Magazine the rapper expressed reservations about the ‘state’, “all men being equal, which is not what it is when you have government because, like I said, you have State, and when you have the State that can come in and justify taking whatever they want from you, which is like your freedom, that shit is fucked up.”


You see, Machine Gun Kelly is anything but your regular rapper, he's a rapper for 2017 and beyond!

Machine Gun Kelly’s Album, Bloom, is out now and Joshington Hosts is your weekly celebrity vlog.


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