Is Leonardo DiCaprio—Hollywood's Most Iconic Bachelor—Engaged?

If the whispers are to be believed, it looks like Leonardo is betrothed to model, Kelly Rohrbach

Ok, so we've known that these two have been dating for months now, but could Leonardo DiCaprio be about to put his Lothario days behind him? The latest rumour surrounding the actor's relationship with model, Kelly Rohrbach, is that he's actually gone and PROPOSED to her. Yes, really...

According to OK!, Leo allegedly popped the question to his 25-year-old girlfriend while the pair enjoyed a romantic dinner in New York City. While no ring has been exchanged, the pair are said to have sealed the deal with a kiss. N'aww. 

According to a 'source', 'It wasn't planned, it just happened. They were enjoying a bottle of red wine and engrossed in conversation as usual.' Kelly, who graduated from Georgetown University, is 'incredibly smart, and she shares his passion for tackling social issues like global warming and world poverty. They connect on an intellectual level, which is new for him. She's much more than a pretty face.' Clearly, Leo thinks she's a keeper. And who can blame him? 

Then, the 40-year-old actor said that he 'wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.' Understandably shocked, 'Leo convinced Kelly that he meant it'. Swoon.

Until the pair confirm the news or, you know, actually tie the knot, we'll be taking this information with a pinch of salt. However, if it IS true, this could mark the end of Leo's playboy ways. We were beginning to think we'd never see the day...

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