WATCH: Riverdale’s KJ Apa Talk Perfect Abs With InStyle's Joshington Hosts


Oh Daddy! Riverdale's KJ Apa puts his abs to the test when he met Joshington Hosts at Comic Con with EMP Clothing.

If you haven't heard of it yet (excuse me, but where have you been?) but Riverdale is a Netflix go to. And this might have something to do with the story line that's about the love lives of college teenagers (based on the original Archie comics). It also has a lot to do with Archie’s Abs, played by KJ Apa. Zesty name, right?

Check Twitter and Instagram and you'll read comments on how ‘thirsty’ they are to lick or touch KJ Apa’s abs. However the 19 year-old himself says, “I haven’t had anyone come up to me and ask to lick or touch my abs in person but the thirst is very real, it’s kinda narly. But I don’t really read that kind of stuff, it’s not good for me to be hearing it to be honest.”


In this week’s Joshington Hosts (your weekly celebrity vlog) we challenge KJ to work out whether a selection of thirsty tweets are about his, or another celebrity’s abs. Watch the video above to hear the Riverdale actor in full competition mode and gush over Zac Efron’s abs, filmed at MCM'S Comic Con in London thanks to EMP clothing.

Joshington also asked KJ how he feels about everyone calling him, ‘Daddy,’ (making KJ Apa arguably the hottest DILF ever), “I don’t know what the Daddy thing is about, it’s social media copying what all the girls say to me on the show.” However whilst initially enjoying the daddy image, Apa and his abs are trying to ditch the label, “I am trying to stop it because I am addicted to saying it!”


Well whether he wants to stop being called daddy or not, here are the 8 KJ Apa facts you need to know about our crush of the summer…

1. He’s very ‘visual’…

Exhibit A, DOWN BELOW!


2. KJ APA can really strum his guitar…

Expect some sort of album in the pipeline in the not so distant future after KJ has admitted that one day he hopes to release his own music.

Late night funkyness with the broski char

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3. KJ isn’t his real name…

His real name is, Kenati James Fitzgerald Apa - what a mouthful! Here's a photo of him with a puppy too, just because!

Puppy on set!!!

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4. You may recognise him from Shortland Street…

Firstly who knew that New Zealand soap was still going? However the hospital drama is the longest running soap down under, and lets just take a second to think about him in his scrubs.


5. Lorde ignored him…

Lorde is a busy lady but after KJ took to twitter to say he was ignored by the singer in the street, the fellow New Zealander tweeted her apologies, “you are brilliant and so is Riverdale - sorry I was a brat ha, ha let’s drink tea sometime.” We will bring the biscuits, Lorde!

6. He’s not a natural red head…

It took an epic 10 hours to perfect the perfect pigment for Archie’s hair in Riverdale. In fact KJ Apa is a real life brunette- either way, we are into it!

Home is where your dog is

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7. KJ Apa is not only from New Zealand but…

…he’s half Samoan, too. KJ Apa’s father is a Samoan chief and he grew up speaking Samoan.

8. He's in a bromance with Ben from Friends…

Cole Sprouse, who used to play Ben (Ross' son) in Friends, plays alongside Apa in Riverdale and the two have formed quite the bromance in the process. If KJ's Instagram feed is anything to go by the pair are inseperable!

The sprousemaster

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Joshington Hosts filmed with KJ Apa at MCM'S Comic Con in London with EMP clothing. Follow Josh on Instagram @joshnewissmith


Daddy look at that hottie the **** hot mate. It's because of daddy. Yes. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] 2017. And on that note we're gonna play my abs. Or theirs. Okay. Right. So we're gonna give you some tweets about some celebrity abs. Some of them about yours. And if they're about yours, you have to say, my abs. Or they're about another celebrity and you have to say, their abs. All righty. Let's rumble. X's face and body is not fair to the human race. Theirs. [SOUND] It's yours. [NOISE] Your abs. Okay. But you're not fair to give him [INAUDIBLE] I can't really just admit to that. [LAUGH] I want X's body but I also want to stuff fries down my throat, I need a prayer. His. [SOUND] It's Justin Bieber's. Justin Bieber? You got that right, tick. Got it. Axe has a body so chiseled by the gods. As a straight man I'd be lying if I said I didn't turn me on even a little. Div? [SOUND] It's not Zac Efron. Got it. He's got great abs right? Yeah Zac Efron. My soul leaves my body every time X mentions the word daddy. That's Me. That's you. Yeah that's me. What's the daddy thing about? I don't know, I don't know. Honestly I'm just copying what the girls are saying on the show. So do you like go to people I'm the daddy now? Not really, I mean it's just social media. I'm trying to stop more than actually. I'm addicted to saying it. Your addicted to saying the daddy. He's got muscles on a body I didn't even learn about in biology. This, it's yours. [SOUND] Is it? His abs make me so thirsty I need to frink a whole ocean of water. His. [SOUND] It's yours. Is it? It's yours. I didn't have any idea these people are saying this about me. Let' stay thirsty for it. I haven't seen it. The thirst is so real for you AJ. That's good to know. This is what you're finding out. [COUGH] I used to have my wall covered with Prepubescent curly haired pictures of X, but with no abs, what's happened now? Not me. That's not you, it's about Nick Jonas. If you're feeling down about this **** president, here's a photo of X's abs. Zac Efron. It's Zac Efron! Got it. Nailed it. Thank you so much. Thank you. Love that. [MUSIC]
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