EXCLUSIVE: Meet Our Gorgeous May Cover Star Kirsten Dunst

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Our Gorgeous May Cover Star Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten wears dress, Erdem

Making her InStyle UK cover debut Kirsten Dunst talks rejection, wedding plans and trying to remain "normal" in Hollywood...

For our May issue we jetted off to Beverly Hills to shoot Kirsten Dunst AKA Hollywood's coolest superstar. With a rail full of Christopher Kane, Chanel and Céline the vibe was Hollywood babe meets spring/ summer's hottest looks. Kirsten's favourite piece? That frothy Erdem dress she rocks on the cover. Mega fans ever since we watched her in Interview With The Vampire, we somehow resisted asking her about that kiss with Brad Pitt. But here's a sneak peek of what we did quiz Kirsten about post-shoot... 


Kirsten wears dress, Christopher Kane, shoes, Victoria Beckham

Kirsten wears dress by Christopher Kane, shoes by Victoria Beckham 



On not winning a Golden Globe for her performance aged 12 in Interview With The Vampire...

'Everyone told me, "You're definitely going to win." And I believed them,' she recalls of the 1995 ceremony. That night, she wore an off-the-shoulder burgundy velvet dress with dainty pearls and sheer black stockings that hid her knobbly, pre-adolescent knees. 'Then, they didn't say my name and I cried. The people at my table were like, "Quick! Hide her face!" 

On the inequality of the film business...

'If it weren't for fashion and beauty campaigns, I wouldn't have the finances to pick and choose my projects,' she says of one of the inequities of the business few females will broach. 'Literally, it's the only industry that supports women in that way.'


Kirsten wears dress Christopher Kane, shoes, Victoria Beckham

Kirsten wears Stella McCartney 


On trying to be herself in Hollywood... 

'Sofia (Coppola) said to me when I was 16, "Don't ever change your teeth,"' she says of her slightly askew smile. 'By the time I got to Spider-Man, they were like, "You should change your teeth." I said, "No, that's what makes me special." 'I never felt like I had to become something I wasn't.'

Kirsten wears Chanel

Kirsten wears dress by Chanel 


On her boyfriend actor Garret Hedlund... 

'I feel like we' re good at doing our own thing but also at coming together. In other relationships...' she pauses. In this tell-all age, clearly Dunst doesn¹t
date and divulge. 'Just we were too enmeshed. We had to do everything together.'  She also appreciates his serious work ethic and the values he gleaned from growing up on a rural farm in Minnesota. 'I see reflected in him what I see in myself ­ a sensitivity and someone who's family-oriented,' she says. She suddenly rolls her eyes and smirks: 'Look. All I can say is it's my longest relationship, so it's working, right?' 


Kirsten wears Celine

Kirsten wears Céline 

                                                      Kirsten wears Barbara Casasola 


On her future plans...

'I am someone who wants to get married... If it happens in my mid-to-late 30s, it's going to be intimate,'  she confirms. 'Courthouse, dinner party and DJ with friends and family. I'll treat it like it would be my fortieth birthday.' 


Kirsten wears dress, Valentino

Kirsten wears dress by Valentino 


Check out the full interview in the May issue on-sale the 31st of March 

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