Karlie Kloss On Why It's Ok To Love Your Body Hang Ups


Karlie Kloss is nothing short of a real life superwoman: she holds down a modelling career, negotiates a relationship with a powerful tech genius with a no phones in the bedroom policy, has her own coding business AND she can conduct an interview whilst working out. 

The model turned tech mogul is one of the nicest celebrities, or people you could wish to meet. She is not only down to earth but has a memory like a hawk, remembering a five-minute meeting we had last year. Impressive stuff to say she has a squad the size of The Waltons and a schedule to rival Theresa May’s.

Here the face of Adidas’ latest Stella McCartney collection talks about loving your hang ups, burgers and work outs with her squad... 

"I have body hang ups too. I am human, I am a girl and I think we all have elements of our bodies we are insecure about. Its important that you realise that the people you look up to are insecure too. The only thing you can do is embrace those imperfections and learn to love them because it can only be self destructive.” Word! 


"Adidas by Stella McCartney is my uniform for life. I am always on the run from the gym to meetings to whatever else I have to do that day so this collection really works with my life whilst being effortlessly cool.”


"God if I think about cheat foods I need to lie down. I like anything Chocolate like covered strawberries, chocolate vegan ice cream…” Just don’t expect to catch this girl eating a burger any time soon, “don’t get me wrong I love the fries that go with the burger, I just don’t eat the burger”’ If only we had that much self restraint after a tough night out on the town and a Big Mac is calling our name… 

"I love working out with my squad. When I workout with a friend or someone I love just hanging out with, I just push myself more.” But it must help to have Taylor sat next to the treadmill singing Shake It Off, Right? “That’s true- perks!”

So guys to get all Karlie on your ass you need to sit up until your abs hurt like a bitch, plank until you are a pro and leg curl until you have a bootylicous ass to rival Beyonce’s. Oh and just hold back on that Big Mac, too. That’s surely the hardest part?

Adidas ambassador and global superstar Karlie Kloss has kicked off a summer of fitness at the adidas Studio LDN on Brick Lane with a free women’s only workout. The studio is a new hangout space, rooted in fitness and wellbeing that offers free workouts, run clubs and workshops for women. To sign up to sessions, head to adidas Women’s Facebook Messenger here or visit www.adidas.co.uk/studioLDN_152BrickLane

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