Jurassic Park With ALL The Characters In High Heels, Including The Dinosaurs? Yes Please!

Intro Deck: 

Ever wondered how much better the Jurassic Park films would have been if everyone was wearing high heels? It’s time to find out….

OK, this summer’s box office hit Jurassic World was a very silly, highly entertaining film, but how annoying was it that the leading lady and Chris Pratt’s love interest, Claire – played by Bryce Dallas Howard – spent the whole time running around in high heels? Treking through the rainforest looking for your lost nephews? Easy. Being chased by a hungry velociprator? No problem in heels whatsoever. And don’t get us started on the fact that her perfectly straight hair turned curly the minute she turned bad-ass at the end of the film, as if to signify that she didn’t care about her appearance anymore. Although it wasn’t exactly humid-induced frizzy hair, but more like she’d had time to visit a Daniel Hersheson blow-dry bar for a perfectly tonged wavy-gravy between shots. That was just silly.

Anyway, this got YouTube users Sam and Patrick from XVP Comedy thinking: what if everyone in ALL the Jurassic Park films had been wearing heels? What if even the dinosaurs had been tottering around in vertiginous shoes? Now THAT would be cool. That would make us even watch Jurassic Parks 2 and 3, even though they’re a bit rubbish. And luckily for us, we don’t have to imagine anymore, as you can see from the hilarious video above. We’re particularly fond of Jeff Goldblum’s knee-high red boots and Dicky Attenborough’s pink courts. The most fashionable of the lot though? It’s got to be the T-Rex in polka dot block heels. They might be extinct, but their footwear is bang on trend.

If only the complete Jurassic Park Box Set, High Heels Edition was actually available to buy…

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