Juno Temple’s Guide To Vintage

Juno Temple’s Guide To Vintage

Our fashion features editor Hannah Rochell chatted to the queen of vintage about her collection and what items we should all be investing in...

Vintage is in the actress Juno Temple’s veins. She’s been “borrowing” clothes from her mum for as long as she can remember, and actually managed to live vicariously in her favourite decade – the Seventies – when she starred in HBO’s TV series Vinyl. ‘The Seventies are coming back in such a big way which I am so happy about because the fabrics that were used, like the beautiful crepes and sequins, and the way everything was pieced together was really about a woman being a woman.

Jeans were tight in the right places. I think it’s so important to remember these days that there are real perks to being a woman and some of them are having some curves.’

Even her house is totally retro. ‘I kitted out my entire house in vintage. My friends call it the doll’s house because it’s so small but it is overflowing with shit! Lots of feather boas, I’ve got racks all over my living room of clothes, and I’ve got clothes hanging off the curtain rails so it looks like a vintage shop when you come in. I’m a real vintage collector. I’ve got lots of vintage pieces.’

She’s even found vintage dealers all over the world through Instagram (‘@stoned_immaculate_ and @caramiavintage - they are both truly brilliant vintage sellers with incredible eyes for exquisite pieces that make you salivate!’). So who better to ask what six vintage pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe than Juno? 

1. The Platforms
‘Everyone should have pair of Seventies platform shoes, whether it’s a sandal, a wedge, a knee high boot or an ankle boot, I think every woman on the planet should own a pair of sky high Seventies platforms because they make you stomp through the streets. For me they make me feel quite empowered. And I just think they go with every piece of clothing you could possibly imagine.’

2. The Swimsuit
‘I think everyone should own a really beautiful Seventies swimsuit of some kind, because it wasn’t about being so skimpy; swimsuits covered your bottom but they would be done in fabrics that were so goddamn sexy. I think every woman gets nervous about putting on a swimsuit so you might as well pick one that looks fucking banging, and I do think that the Seventies really nailed that.’

3. The Robe
‘I would recommend a beautiful silk Forties lounge robe because when you wake up in the morning, what is lovelier to put on than a beautiful vintage silk robe? It’s such a great thing to wrap yourself up in a robe like that.’

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4. The High Waisted Jeans
‘I have to say a pair of high waisted jeans just because they are fantastic on a woman’s bottom. They make every girl look like a peach. It depends on your body type whether you want to do a bell or a straight leg. You can throw them on, make them look like you’re going to an Oscar after party or like you’re going to sit on the couch and watch movies with your best girlfriend and cry to The Notebook.'

5. The Leather Jacket
‘I think a great vintage leather jacket is quite an important piece to have. I like a small one because I’m short, so the ones that I wear were children’s. I have a Seventies leather jacket that I got on Portobello market, and then I’ve got a great Sixties one in cornflower blue with bright red lining which is a tiny bit oversized. But for me if I wear a boyfriend leather jacket I get swamped, it’s about accentuating what you do feel good about and I’ve got a small waist, so a smaller jacket works better.’

6. The Tiara
‘I’m a big fan of anything that twinkles and to be honest with you, I have quite a silly collection of vintage tiaras. If I’ve had a bad day I’ll put on a great set of lingerie and a tiara and have a cigarette but I never really wear them out. I wore one out for my birthday; I have a tiny one that I wear out. It doesn’t have to be anything lavish, you know, they’re all quite old and have been well loved. I think that’s a nice thing for a woman to have. It’s a fun secret little thing for a woman to have.'

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