Jen Got Married, And We Feel Like We Did When Our Best Mate Got Hitched

Jen Got Married, And We Feel Like We Did When Our Best Mate Got Hitched

So Jen finally tied the knot with her beau Justin Theroux, and we feel almost emosh about it as we would if she was our actual friend. But why?

Anyone who’s ever seen one of their best friends get married will know that nothing feels quite like the moment you see her gaze into the man of her dream’s eyes (or her ‘lobster’, to quote Phoebe from Friends) as they are pronounced husband and wife. It’s usually the moment that you finally have to gasp for breath, no longer able to control that cry that’s been inching it’s way up your throat for the last ten minutes, and desperately try to salvage your eye make-up with insufficient amounts of tissue. I cried more at the weddings of my best mates Daisy, Holly and Maria than I did at my own wedding (come to think of it, I didn’t cry at all at my own wedding); to know that one of your favourite people is enjoying the best day of her life and is completely in love is almost more wonderful than when it happens to you.

So this week, when Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux, why did I feel a little like that? I don’t know Jennifer Aniston (obvs), but she’s been such a part of my life since the 90s that I sort of feel like I do. I’ve been rooting for her since she split from Brad (was anyone really on Team Jolie back in 2005?) and during her various relationships since then. I love that she has a real-life best friendship with her Friends co-star Courtney Cox, and seems like a genuinely nice person. And Jen’s brilliant comic performances as Rachel in Friends were an integral part of my Friday nights out with my actual mates in the 90s, as we never left the house until Friends (and our bottle of wine) had finished. It’s just a shame we couldn’t bring her with us.

If Jen was in my friendship group, she would be the one I had a mild girl crush on. I’d always want tips on how to get that incredible bod (when I got married, my only fitness goal was simply to have arms like Jennifer Aniston). I’d need the number of her hairdresser, because I’ve been taking pictures of her to my own salon since about 1998 and I physically can’t watch an episode of Friends unless I have shower-clean hair (looking at Jen’s hair with even mildly greasy roots makes me feel dirty. I know, weird). I would admire her ability to stay completely down-to-earth and private, despite being one of the most famous women on the planet. And I would bawl at her wedding. Because even though I didn’t see her on the best day of her life, I’m truly happy for her that she’s finally found her lobster.

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