In Praise Of Prince George’s Girly Clothes: Why Janet Street-Porter Was Wrong

In Praise Of Prince George’s Girly Clothes: Why Janet Street-Porter Was Wrong

Janet Street-Porter reckons Prince George dresses like a girl. We reckon Janet Street Porter should get with the now...

When you’re known as an outspoken journalist, as Janet Street-Porter is, you’re meant to say stuff that gets people’s backs up. It’s, like, your job. We get that. But royalists everywhere really got the hump on Wednesday this week when she described Prince George as ‘a cross-dressing millionaire’ on ITV’s Loose Women. Referring to his outfit at his sister Princess Charlotte’s christening, she said ‘he’s got a girl’s blouse on’.

Now, we’re not sure what century JSP thinks this is, but it’s certainly not one that would chastise a boy for wearing girls’ clothing. Not that Gorgeous George’s look was particularly feminine, mind you - just a bit old fashioned in a quaint, Royal Family kind of way. You only need to look at pictures of his dad Prince William (above - snap!) in the early 1980s to see that his style is inherited. And here at InStyle HQ, we’re massive fans of that sweep-over side parting and a penchant for waffle knit cardigans, knee high socks and dungarees (and yes, we do realise that he’s not actually picking the clothes out himself guys, that's probably down to the Duchess of Cambridge, but let’s just imagine that he is. It’s more fun).

It’s also a pretty popular look; the outfit in question - a peasant-style top and red shorts costing £85 from Rachel Riley - sold out within hours of the little prince being pictured in it. If it’s good enough for George, it’s good enough for hundreds of other 2-year-olds too.

Besides, has Janet not heard of a little thing called fashion? Feminine clothes for boys were hot on the agenda at the most recent men’s shows, and nowhere more so than at the most talked about brand around at the moment, Gucci. The Italian label showed similar feminine blouses and shorts on the catwalk for its Spring 2016 collection. So as well as looking adorably old-fashioned, George is actually well ahead of the curve too. Plus, as the future king of England, we reckon he should be allowed to wear whatever he wants (or whatever Kate wants him to) without fear of criticism from someone who’s clearly a bit out of touch…

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