Jamie Dornan And Cillian Murphy On Why It Was Bromance At First Sight

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Anthropoid stars Jamie Dornan And Cillian Murphy talk bromance...

They're two of Ireland's hottest exports, but suprisingly, Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy, had never actually met before being cast in their latest film Anthropoid. Based on true events the World War II film tells the story of two Czech soldiers sent to carry out the assassination of SS officer Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler’s third in command, which became known as Operation Anthropoid.

Once described by Hitler as 'the man with the iron heart', Heydrich supervised the Nazi death squads that killed more than two million people. He also chaired the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, where plans for the Final Solution were formalised. He was known in Czechoslovakia as The Butcher of Prague.

In the film, Jamie plays the secret agent, Jan Kubis, alongside Cillian, who undertakes the role of Josef Gabcík. Toby Jones also stars as a key resistance figure and one of the masterminds behind the operation. Directed by Sean Ellis, he has spoken about how outside of the Czech Republic it's pretty much an unknown story. Keen to bring it to public attention, the film opened this week to positive reviews who have praised its gritty realism and homage to actual facts.

Speaking of... Jamie Dornan, watch the official 50 Shades Darker trailer here.

In the film, Jamie and Cillian have a close relationship where they are literally trusting eachother lives with one another. So we just had to find out how they created the bond pre-filming. Although, both actors were huge admirers of each other's work, and had mutual friends in common, they had never actually met. With filming scheduled for Prague, Jamie and Cillian met up pre-shooting at a local pizza restuarant to discuss their roles. In the video above, Cillian discusses how before meeting he had just finished watching The Fall that stars Jamie as serial killer Paul Spector. Meanwhile, with Jamie tied up with other work, he caught up on Cillian's latest project Peaky Blinders while on location in Prague. Watch the video above to find out what happened when the pair finally met for the first time...

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