James Norton's New Film Role Is Taking Us Back To The '90s...

James Norton's New Film Role Is Taking Us Back To The '90s...

We fell in love with James Norton in War and Peace, but can we deal with his latest role?!

James Norton is so hot right now. If you spent the whole series of War and Peace swooning over Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, don’t worry, because the 30 year-old British actor is very much back for 2016. He's been keeping himself busy this year between starring in Happy Valley and Grantchester, and now it's been confirmed that he'll be starring in the remake of cult sci-fi flick Flatliners - which quite frankly, is one of THE most exciting things we've heard all week.

Here are 21 reasons why we can't get enough of James Norton right now...

1. He’s incredibly handsome. Never a bad thing, that. Those cheekbones! That jaw line!

2. He’s a total chameleon and has completely avoided being typecast with his versatile acting skills…

3. …so it’s no surprise that he was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor last year for his terrifying performance as Tommy in Happy Valley.

4. Everyone in War and Peace looked pretty fantastic in Napoleonic uniform, but no-one wore it with quite as much style as James. (Although Dolokhov came close with that extraordinary shoulder robing in the final episode, to be fair.)

5. Additional special mention for the all-white ensembles James wore at the many balls Prince Andrei had to attend. Dapper.

6. He loves vintage clothing. ‘I make sure to find a flea market wherever I am shooting’, he told The Telegraph last year.

7. He also looks cracking in a pair of spectacles.

8. He plays the hottest vicar we’ve ever seen – Sydney Chambers - in ITV’s detective series Grantchester. It’s worth following BBC Radio 4 presenter and ex-member of the Communards, the Reverend Richard Coles, on Twitter for his Grantchester reactions (he loves James too).

9. He can do all the hairstyles: strawberry blonde side parting (Granchester), treacle-coloured with sideburns (War and Peace), two-tone bleached (Happy Valley), buzzcut (also Happy Valley), 1920s wavy (Life in Squares). Waiting for his next barnet is almost as exciting as waiting for his next role.

10. He’s worked hard to get where he is now, having played bit parts in everything from An Education with Carey Mulligan to Dr Who.

11. He’s already a fashion week favourite on the FROW – here he is demonstrating excellent paying attention skills at the Burberry show with James Bay.


12. He has one of the best ‘thoughtful faces’ in the business, second only to his War and Peace co-star Paul Dano.

13. The first character he ever played was Gwen Stefani in a school miming competition in 1998. Oh, how we wish there was video footage of that!

14. Along with Idris Elba and Damien Lewis, James is hot tipped to be a contender for the next James Bond. A fine choice, we say. See how good he looks in a bow tie?

15. His Yorkshire accent is perfect – that’s probably down to the fact that he went to school there…

16. …but he was born in London and attended RADA, so isn’t at all limited on the accent front.

17. He’s not scared of a risqué role – remember those raunchy sex scenes in Life In Squares?

18. He’s a member of The National Trust and likes to go rambling…

19. …and wild swimming...


20. …in fact, we’ve heard he strips off to swim in a river for season 2 of Grantchester, which starts on March 27th. *air punch*

21. We have it on good authority from people that actually know him that he’s DEAD NICE in real life. The best fact of all!

Catch Happy Valley from Tuesday 9th February at 9pm on BBC1 and Grantchester from Wednesday March 2nd on ITV1

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