Watch Jada Pinkett Smith Solve All Your Girl Problems & Get Seriously Seductive


Jada Pinkett Smith stars in the comedy film of the summer, Girls Trip and here our Joshington Hosts gets some serious girls advice and a lesson in seduction from Mrs Will Smith herself! Fan yourselves girls!

Strap your selves in for a Girls Trip you will never forget as Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish – who will teach you a blow job trick you will want to run home to try (YES. REALLY) – star in the comedy of the year (YES. REALLY X2).

In this week’s Joshington Hosts, Josh Newis-Smith sought advice from the film’s mother hen, Mrs Big Willy Style herself, Jada Pinkett Smith. This fearless female give us advice on creating the ultimate Girls Trip and serves up life-changing advice for your down on their luck pals. Meet ‘Jada: The Agony Aunt… just like a shrink but with extra helpings of sass…

What’s the one piece of girl’s advice you have passed onto Willow?

“Just to be well rounded. My grandmother always said to me, ‘understand something about everybody you ever meet.’ That is something I have definitely passed on to my kids”

My girl pal has turned up dressed like a ‘blind Sunday school’ teacher on a night out, what do I do?

“Get the girls together. You have got to sit her down and say, ‘we are all going to step out of our comfort zone this weekend, I am going to step out of mine and you should do something out of your comfort zone.’ You gently ease it in by making it a group thing.”


My friend is terrible on the dance floor and won’t get any men with her moves, what three dance routines can I teach her?

“Teach her the snake, that’s something simple and then teach her the hip sway, that’s all you got to do a little hip sway. Or the roaming eye, you just look…"

My girlfriend has been treated terribly by a guy *sad face* – what are the steps to rehabilitation?

“Say to her: 'We are going to put you in something smoking hot and we are going to get so much attention tonight to remind you how awesome you are. We are not going to talk to anybody, we are just going to let people look at you.' She is probably too hurt right now buy whoever this guy is, and giving sad eye and sad stories, so she can’t share that! We are just going to take all those eyes and put them in your pocket and we are going to build your confidence back up.”


I've been stitched up by my friends and they've made me sing Fresh Prince of Bel Air at karaoke – what are your tips for nailing that song?

“Have fun, don’t get too serious with it and just let it free roll!”

'Girls Trip' is out now in cinemas now.

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