InStyle's Awards Season Cheat Sheet

InStyle's Awards Season Cheat Sheet

With the Golden Globes officially launching awards season on Sunday night, it’s time to swot up on the film’s and TV shows we’d like to see bagging the most gongs. Here’s our guide to the buzziest productions up for nominations

See: Birdman
In a nutshell: A washed up movie star famous for playing superhero ‘Birdman’ tries to gain credibility with a Broadway production. 
What to say: “Of course you’ll have noticed the strong parallels between Keaton and his own early career as Batman.”
Awards buzz: A brilliant man-on-the-edge performance from Keaton, who should be a shoe in for the best actor shortlists. Naomi Watts, Emma Stone and Ed Norton also shine.




See: Girls
In a nutshell: Created by and starring Lena Dunham, Girls reflects part of the population not represented by Sex & the City. Main character Hannah (Dunham) and her friends navigate through their tricky twenties ‘one mistake at a time.’
What to say: “ That sex scene was SO cringe.”
Awards buzz: The groundbreaking show has already scooped a number of high profile awards (Dunham won a Globe for best actress in 2013) so there’s no reason why it won’t continue on it’s award winning path.


See: Orange is the New Black
In a nutshell: A waspy New Yorker Piper Chapman is sent down for her unwitting role in a decade old drug crime. This is all news to her fiancée Larry  - as is the fact that she used to be a lesbian.
What to say: “ Do you think I could pull off an orange jumpsuit?”
Awards buzz: Taylor Schilling is so believable as the loveable Piper and this is why OITNB is such knockout TV. She deserves to win for best actress in a comedy series.


See: The Theory Of Everything
In a nutshell: Eddie Redmayne plays Professor Stephen Hawking during his devastating MND diagnosis and 25 year marriage to his first wife Jane (played by a brilliant Felicity Jones). It’s an emotional one - Hawking himself apparently shed a tear watching it.
What to say: “What a sensitively crafted biopic. Surely a career-making moment for Redmayne.”
Awards buzz: Eddie Redmayne is simply extraordinary in it. We’d be very surprised if he came away empty-handed.


See: Wild
In a nutshell: When the death of her mother leaves her life in tatters, Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) attempts to find herself with a 1100 mile solo hike across the American wilderness.
What to say: “It’s a deeper, darker Eat Pray Love.” 
Awards buzz: This is pretty much a one-woman show by Reese. The performance should put in the Oscars race.


See: Foxcatcher
In a nutshell: The relationship between a pro wrestler (Channing Tatum) and his creepy billionaire sponsor (Steve Carrell) in the build-up to the ‘88 Seoul Olympics. 
What to say: “It’s such a brave and bold departure from comedy for Steve Carrell.”
Awards buzz: Carrell is the favourite to scoop best actor, but Channing and Mark Ruffalo (who plays his brother) should get nomination nods too. Special mention as ever to Channing’s magnificent pecs. 

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