VIDEO: How To Be A World Class YouTuber

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Ever fancied starting a YouTube channel? We asked some of the most successful vloggers around for their top tips…

Admit it, how many times when you’ve been whiling away the hours in your bedroom, idly watching a vlog by Fleur de Force or a make-up tutorial by Tanya Burr on your laptop, have you thought to yourself ‘I could SO do that myself!’? But you haven’t done it yet, have you…so what’s holding you back?

Whether it’s because you don’t know what subject to talk about or you’re just too camera shy, starting your own YouTube channel isn’t as easy as it seems. And even the most polished of your favourite stars had reservations the first time they stood in front of the camera and pressed record. Yes, really!

As part of InStyle’s Project 13 awards (see all the winners here), we asked the 13 winners, including the geniuses behind TalkBeckyTalk, The Ugly Face of Beauty and Pixiwoo, how they got started and what it felt like when they first launched themselves into the world of YouTube.

Do Robin James and Glam and Glitter get camera shy? How do Niomi Smart and Estée Lalonde get camera confident? And what top tips did Klaire de Lys, Patricia Bright and Sprinkle of Glitter have for any budding YouTube stars out there? To find out, watch our exclusive video (top). You might just find that inspiration you needed to start a YouTube channel of your own…

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