Spoiler Alert! The DL On The GoT Season 6 Premiere

Spoiler Alert! The DL On The GoT Season 6 Premiere

A lot happened in last night’s episode, but all anyone is talking about it THAT ending with The Red Woman…

OK, if you don’t have Sky Atlantic and are planning on buying the box set of Game of Thrones Season 6 when it comes out, look away now. But if, like me, you signed up to Now TV in a panic at 8.55pm because you just couldn’t risk the internet spoiling the whole season and can’t trust anyone on Facebook not to spill the beans, talk to me. Because yeah, all that other stuff happened with Sansa in the freezing river and Arya getting her ass kicked by that mean girl who didn’t care that she is blind…but that ending with The Red Woman? What the hell was that all about?!


As The Red Woman, Melisandre, did her usual trick of stripping off (though surprisingly for GoT, hers were the only boobs on display in this particular episode), she also took off her favourite statement necklace which, as it turns out, is not just her signature look to accompany that red cloak, but some kind of amazing magical jewellery that makes her look young. Like a really, really powerful No7 Protect and Perfect serum. The result was, well, have a look for yourself below. Scary.


Of course, fans, celebrities and spoof Game of Thrones character accounts alike responded with some hilarious comments and memes. Here are some of my favourites.

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