The (Not Always Intentionally) Funniest Celebrities On Instagram

The (Not Always Intentionally) Funniest Celebrities On Instagram

Our round up of the best and most unexpectedly amusing celebs to follow for #LOLZ

We've always been fans of Rob Lowe here at InStyle HQ. We first swooned at him in 80s cult film The Outsiders (look out for the shot of him in just a towel), and we had Just 17's 'Phwoar' posters of him on our bedroom walls through our teenage years. There was never any doubt that this guy was seriously hot (and while we're on the subject, he seems to just get better with age) but what we didn't know until we saw a glimpse of it a few years later in Wayne's World, was that this guy is FUNNY. And now that we've found him on Instagram, we've totally fallen for him and his brilliant sense of humour all over again. Because here, for your viewing pleasure, is Rob Lowe, topless, lip-syncing to The Sound Of Music.

This is what I'm doing on my Saturday night. Enjoy.

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He appears to be on his own (or can we just about make out someone on the sofa looking less than amsued?!). It's Saturday night. He wasn't even a tiny bit tipsy (he's famously teetotal). Rob Lowe, we thank you for totally making our day! Here are some more celebrities that we didn't expect to make us laugh on Instagram, and unlike Rob, it's not always on purpose…

Craig David

Craig is an absolute joy on Instagram. Ernest and deep, it's always worth reading the captions for his strange takes on well-known phrases. Does he even know he's said it wrong…?

Aaron Paul

We first started following Jesse from Breaking Bad just because we fancied him, but we were thrilled to discover that he likes a good laugh too. Here he is making the best of a bad situation.

Taylor Swift

If you can put up with the endless pictures of her on stage it's worth it for gems like this.

Maisie Williams

The Game of Thrones star has a great sense of humour. Here she is with Bill Murray and, err, a packet of cheesy crisps.

Justin Bieber

Another accidentally hilarious celebrity here. Amusingly vain Justin also often posts two consecutive near identical pictures when he can't decide which one is best. 

Chris Pratt

You've got to love an American who can do toilet humour as well as a Brit.

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