EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Fleur De Force’s InStyle Fashion Cupboard Haul

Intro Deck: 

What happened when Fleur De Force visited the InStyle fashion cupboard? Find out in our exclusive video…

Fleur De Force is the YouTube star who won not one, but TWO of our Project 13 awards in November this year. Whether it’s her latest haul video, a beauty how to, or just a vlog of her hanging out with her gorgeous dogs, we can’t get enough, so it was a no-brainer that she was awarded Outstanding YouTuber Of The Year and Best Getting Ready Video. As well as that, she’s been a big part of putting together our brilliant Edition 13 magazine, which will be distributed for free from December 1st.

It goes without saying that Fleur was top of our list to invite into our London offices to do a haul with a difference: it took place in InStyle’s fashion cupboard. She joined our shopping editor Robyn Kotze and picked her favourite five items in the cupboard, which was well stocked with gorgeous clothes and accessories at the time because we were doing lots of celebrity shoots! Sadly she couldn’t keep anything as we have to send it all back when we’ve finished with it, but it was still really good fun….

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