It’s Official: David Beckham Has Been Dethroned By Brooklyn (His Words, Not Ours)

It’s Official: David Beckham Has Been Dethroned By Brooklyn (His Words, Not Ours)

Sorry David and Victoria, it looks like Brooklyn is now the most popular Beckham...

David and Victoria Beckham are nothing short of A-list royalty. From their early days as Britain’s sweethearts to their bona fide Hollywood takeover, they’ve spent most of their careers being at the top of their games. However, a new Beckham is rising through the ranks to superstardom, and has fast become the most sought-after of the entire brood.

Of course, we’re talking about Brooklyn Beckham. The eldest of the couple’s four children, now that he’s turned 16, he’s in the public eye more than ever before. Having amassed a HUGE 4.6 million followers on Instagram, he’s created a fan base all his own, and his parents are already seeing the impact of his newly found fame.

Here's a photo with @brooklynbeckham the real boss of the family! #DB40

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Speaking candidly on Manchester’s Key 103FM radio show, the former England captain said that Brooklyn now commands the most attention when they’re out and about in public. Quite the role reversal, huh Davey?

David revealed, ‘We normally get people now coming up and saying, “Would you mind taking a picture with me?” It turns out that they’re actually talking to Brooklyn rather than myself.’


If that wasn’t enough, the 40-year-old former football star also mused that it’s he that’s usually cast as the photographer to take the shot of Brooklyn posing with his gleeful fans.

Better get used to it, David—it looks like Brooklyn’s star is going to continue to soar. After making his acting debut in a music video for The Vamps, to appearing in countless fashion campaigns, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before the teen reaches rock star-status…

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