21 Reasons To Love A Dad Bod

21 Reasons To Love A Dad Bod

Dad bods are not ripped, but they’re definitely not overweight either. In fact, they're just right. Here’s why we are massively in favour of the dad bod.

Last year, we saw the arrival of the ‘dad bod’. If you’re not familiar with it, the dad bod is a happy medium between a toned six-pack and a beer belly; the body of a man who does a bit of exercise, but is partial to a few pints and a pizza every now and then. 

Now a scientist at Yale University has discovered men with a classic dad bods are more attractive to women, live longer and they’re more likely to pass on their genes, due to decreasing testosterone levels and a strengthening immune system.

Here are 21 reasons why we dad bods (and it’s not just because Leo DiCaprio has one).

1. He loves Christmas, and enjoys mince pies and sherry a-plenty…

2. …but he will also be the first to encourage everyone off the sofa to go for a brisk winter walk.

3. He looks great in a jumper. Muscles look weird in knitwear: fact.

4. He’s comfortingly predictable. If your guy has a dad bod in his twenties, chances are his body will look pretty much the same when he’s 45. 

5. He gives the best cuddles – still enough muscle definition to be nice and strong, but soft enough to snuggle up to.

6. He will have the same New Year’s resolution about going to the gym every day as you do, and will be just as shit at sticking to it.

7. He knows that one day he is destined to get a puppy.

8. He impresses your mum by making his own sausage rolls (Jamie Oliver is his culinary dad bod hero).

9. He impresses your dad by making his own beer.

10. He loves going to the pub with you, rather than just with his mates.

11. He looks good in pyjamas.

12. He gets genuinely excited at the arrival of Cadbury's Cream Eggs in the shops.

13. He never says no to a pint.

14. He did a charity 10k run once. And he might do the marathon one day.

15. He is easy to buy presents for – all dad bods love a good pair of snazzy socks. And slippers.

16. He’ll be totally honest when you ask his opinion about your Friday night outfit (because he has the same body hang ups as you do).

17. He cooks a mean roast beef and all the trimmings.

18. He scrubs up well in a suit (see Catastrophe's Rob Delaney, below).

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19. He’ll need to do those squat workouts with you before your skiing holiday.

20. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Which means he knows how to have a laugh.

21. His favourite bit in Up is when the dog starts talking.



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