How Much Do We Love Gary Fisher The Star Wars Dog?

How Much Do We Love Gary Fisher The Star Wars Dog?

Hands down our favourite creature from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary

When we heard that the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams, was going to be using real life ‘creatures’ in the new film rather than just relying solely on CGI, we were excited. But we didn’t expect that our favourite one of the lot wouldn’t actually appear in the film at all. Because the animal that stole the show for us this week wasn’t one of the revellers at Maz Kanata’s space bar (don’t know what that is? Here’s why you need to see Star Wars and find out). It wasn’t even good old Chewie. No, it was Gary Fisher.

‘Don’t you mean CARRIE Fisher? Carrie Fisher who plays Leia and has been an integral part of the Star Wars franchise since 1977? Carrie Fisher who is actually a human?’ we hear you cry. No. We mean Gary Fisher. Gary Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s dog. (LOLZ!). Gary Fisher, with his lopsided ears and perma-pant tongue. Gary Fisher, who even walked the red carpet at the London premiere on Wednesday evening only to go completely mental at the droid BB-8 (if you watch the film you will see why – it does act like a puppy, so we say fair enough for having that reaction, Gary Fisher).

There is so much to love about Gary Fisher. That hilarious name for starters. There’s the aforementioned slightly comical appearance (just try and find a shot of him without that tongue hanging out). He goes everywhere with Carrie (who is also hilarious), and she makes him an integral part of everything she does (you interview Carrie, Gary comes too, and make sure he gets his own chair – see below). Oh, and he has his own Twitter and Instagram accounts, too. Gary, we love you.

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