Bridget Is BACK – And Better Than Ever

Intro Deck: 

The Bridget Jones franchise is about to come rolling back into town again. Just try and keep that smile off your face.

We’ve all experienced it. That time a film gets over hyped and, when you finally see it, you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. But even if I tell you Bridget Jones’s Baby is better than the last one, that it is everything you want from a rom-com, that you’ll laugh your socks off, cry a little, perv at handsomeness, cheer in places, cringe rather a lot and come out with a massive grin on your face (that’s still lingering when you’re in the shower the next morning) you’re still going to completely love it – promise.

The film opens with Bridget (Renee Zellweger) sitting in the front room of the same scuzzy flat on the eve of her 43rd-birthday-celebrations, lone cup cake and candle in hand, a sloshing wine glass in the other and the obligatory All By Myself on the stereo. But suddenly she yells, “ Oh, f***k off,” at the stereo, jumps up and does a hilarious rendition to House of Pain’s Jump Around, all newly revved up for her night out. It’s an intro that sets the pace for the rest of the film, which never slows in its two hours and two minutes.

Picking up 12-years after The Edge of Reason (or Bridget Jones 2) Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is married and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) is not around. But rather than wallow in her singleness, Bridget is firmly focusing on her job as TV producer and friendships. When she goes to a festival with Miranda, her 30-something work colleague (a role that’s going to make a star out of Sarah Solemani) she has a one night stand with a dishy American (Hollywood vet Patrick Dempsey.) Similar ‘relations’ happen rather unexpectedly several days later with Mark Darcy so when Bridget discovers she’s pregnant the question is: who’s the daddy? Come this way for the 29 Patrick Dempsey photos of him looking totally McDreamy. 

Sharon Maguire is back on board as director and the easy chemistry Zellweger has with both her and Firth makes the film insanely watchable. Add to this way racier gags and banter – of the sexual and political nature – and the return of many of the original cast (Sally Phillips and Emma Thompson are particularly funny) and the only question you're asking on leaving the cinema is: when are they making the next one?

Bridget Jones's Baby is in cinema's nationwide on 16th Septmber

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