Your Summer Crush Is Here: Meet Pirates Star Brenton Thwaites


Pirates of the Caribbean is BACK with the fifth instalment in the franchise. Even your early noughties go-to crush, Orlando Bloom returns with his ermmm… sword! However the film isn’t all about Orlando blooming all over again, his son in the movie, Australian actor Brenton Thwaites is THE shipmate to lust after.

The actor is making waves with audiences not just for his acting talents but also for a bone structure that would bury your treasure any day of the week. Here is what you need to know about the breakout star…

Mr Thwaites would beat Mr Darcy in a wet T-shirt competition… EASILY!

Brenton spends the film in a wet shirt for 99.9% of the time but when asked by Joshington Hosts (our weekly celebrity vlogger) who would win in a wet t-shirt competition between himself and Mr Darcy the Aussie actor said, “I might be lacking a few chest hairs… does that add to the points?”


He knows how to ‘male’ the cleavage…

Given his wet shirt, unbuttoned to the navel in a seductive fashion, the latest recruit on The Black Pearl knows how to nail the male cleavage, “you just let it hang out, let the body flow,” the star said when pressed on the deep and meaningful issue by Joshington Hosts.


Brenton is NO Beyonce fan…

Check out the above video for the most hilarious Single Ladies lyric slip ever (possibly), “if you like it you should put a finger in it!” Need we say ANYMORE!


He kick started his career on Home and Away

Just like Heath Ledger and Chris Hemsworth before him, Brenton’s breakout role was in Australian soap opera, Home and Away. Washboard abs and surfboards. Win. Win. (Also: let's take a moment to take in all the 'stunning'effects in the below video)



You may recognise him from…

Malificent, where Brenton starred alongside Angelina Jolie as Prince Philip. Not the one married to the current Queen. Just FYI.


Brenton is the hottest DILF on the planet…

The actor has a one-year old baby called, Birdie with his girlfriend, Chloe Pacey.  

 He’s ONLY 27 years old…

…so if Orlando Bloom was actually his real life dad he would have been 13 at the time of birth. Good job Brenton’s baby face means he could pass for 19 years old, easily.



Brenton is all 6 foot 1 of man…

We will just leave the above image here.


After 2014 Taylor Swift dating rumours…

… He’s quite the guitar player. We will let his strumming do the talking…


Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge is in cinemas now


You don't know, Beyonce. Crazy Love by Beyonce? No, man. I know, if you like it then you should put a finger on it? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] You guys are like a really great double act. Thanks. In this film. Loved it. And I'm gonna play a little game for you guys if you're up to this. Go. It's called Acca Accent and I've got some famous few acts and then I've got the title of it here and an accent You guys have to sort the format and [INAUDIBLE] have to guess what it is. All right. Okay. Crazy in love. [INAUDIBLE] That sounded quite posh. [INAUDIBLE] I don't know this song? How do you guys know these songs? You do not know crazy in love by Beyonce? that is Beyonce>> No I do not [LAUGH] I know if you like it then you should have put a finger on it [LAUGH] [SOUND] That's funny. If you like it, then you should've put a finger in it. [LAUGH] That's definitely not the line, but I love that one. [FOREIGN] No, you have to do it in that. [LAUGH] You just ruined the game. Okay, well, I mean- Shawna Paul and Lou Cantrell. [INAUDIBLE]. You need to just breathe. I can't do the Queen's English. I can't even do the Queen's English. It's Breathe in the Queen's English. Yes, Amazing. You're the one that I Want, babe. Essex [LAUGHS] I wanna love ya. That's obviously Olivia Newton John, right? Yes, yes yes. Amazing. I got you babe. Under my skin. Don't even know what that was. Argh! [LAUGHS] God, mate, you just brought a bus in and we're lying down and you've driven the bus right over us for this interview, thank you very much. [APPLAUSE]
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