Hello boys! Jourdan Dunn and Alessandra Ambrosio at Cannes

Hello boys! Jourdan Dunn and Alessandra Ambrosio at Cannes


Maybe it’s because the ‘90s are big news on the catwalk this season. Maybe it’s because busty ‘90s icons Pamela Anderson, Victoria Silvztedt and the face of Wonderbra, Eva Herzigova were all, quite randomly, in attendance on the French Riveria. Or maybe we just reached peak high collar sometime during awards season in February and fancied seeing a bit of décolletage. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying it from the evidence at the Cannes Film Festival this week: boobs are back.

Let’s be clear; I’m not talking about Bella Hadid’s sideboob (although this week ASOS started selling a sideboob bra, so there’s another riveting article in there somewhere: watch this space). No, the ‘90s boob is all about the push-together cleavage. Remember that traffic-stopping Wonderbra advert from 1994? It’s about making a modest pair look a little more luscious with the aid of garments that strap and squash everything inwards and upwards. You could even just use your own hands, or try the age old ‘I’m folding my arms to give these puppies a bit of help’ trick – see Jourdan Dunn (top left) and Bella Hadid (below right) respectively for details.

Fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu and Bella Hadid at The Cannes Film Festival

Of course, if your boobs were actually around in the ‘90s (mine were – Jourdan would have been 9 and Bella 3 at the end of the century, so theirs definitely weren’t) and are anything over a B-cup (I have ‘secret’ 30DDs that rarely make an appearance), you might be less inclined to embrace the ‘90s boob, what with it being so, err, booby. Pammy kept hers covered in Cannes with an array of out-of-character high-necked dresses, although I can’t say that’s a look I’d go for, personally. Eva ‘Hello Boys’ Herzigova opted for a hint of cleavage but without the push-up, and looked fabulous and demure…but I’d still be a bit self-conscious if my boys were so obviously on show.

Eva Herzagova and Chloe Sevigny at the Cannes Film Festival

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So I’m sorry ‘90s boobs, but for me, a real life woman approaching 40 with a pair that don’t really need any help and a less than enthusiastic inclination to draw attention to my chest, I have to give my top marks at Cannes to Chloe Sevigny. She looks like she’s wearing a full-cupped sturdy bra under that lace number, and no cleavage in sight. Bravo.