Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl Audition Tape Has Been Unearthed, And It Is GLORIOUS

Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl Audition Tape Has Been Unearthed, And It Is GLORIOUS

Further proof that Blake Lively was destined to play Serena van der Woodsen

A day after it was revealed that Serena and Blair were *this* close to being played by Ashley Olsen and Rumer Willis (how weird would that have been?), we have another brilliant Gossip Girl tidbit for you lucky, lucky readers.

Because the Internet is a wonderful place, one of Blake Lively’s first audition tapes in which she vied for the part of Serena, has been unearthed and ceremoniously uploaded to YouTube, and it totally goes to show that no one else could have played Serena quite like Blake.

On the cusp of stardom after appearing in the now iconic Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants—don’t act like you don’t love it—a then 20-year-old Blake couldn’t have possibly known that this two minute-long reel would result in her scoring her breakout role.

The clip above sees Blake, wearing a bright yellow top (very Serena, no?), as she acts out an exchange from the pilot episode of the show.

In the scene, Serena tries to make amends with her BFF Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, after returning to New York after her boarding school exile.

Asking Blair about her family, only to be met with a frosty response, Serena goes on to plead with her, wishing things could go back to the way they used to be between them. Awks.

Little did Serena and Blair—sorry, Blake and Leighton—know that this was only the start of the epic catfights, stunning costumes and hot guys they’d get to rub shoulders with over the course of six addictive seasons…

Anyone else heading home for a Gossip Girl marathon?

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