Best Documentaries: The 10 Greatest Rockumentaries Of All Time

Best Documentaries: The 10 Greatest Rockumentaries Of All Time

The Pulp rockumentary, A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets, is an affectionate look at the history of one of Britpop’s finest bands. We list our ten other favourites EVA

1. Lord Don’t Slow Me Down, Oasis
Noel Gallagher – who could easily have a second career as a stand-up  - is the star of this. Consider this: “One Day Liam will go bald,” he muses on the bands touring lifespan, “ and that will be it.”

2. Starshaped, Blur
This is pre Parklife and shows the band puking inches from the lens and playing so badly they make your brother's guitar band sound like The Rolling Stones.

3. Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads
No frills but the music speaks for itself. It’s also a brilliant reminder of how it was completely acceptable to be very, very weird in the eighties.

4. Truth or Dare, Madonna
A transparent exercise in vanity? Possibly. But worth a mention as it was the first flick to showcase a celebrity (Her Madgesty) fellating a Coke bottle.

5. This is Spinal Tap
A mockumentry, admittedly. But one that is so devastatingly on target that Iron Maiden stormed out of a screening, convinced it was based on them.

6. Sign of the Times, Prince
Once you’ve got over the, ahem, ‘pimp’ story line, you’ll lose yourself in the talents of the tiny package that is Prince. Powerful enough to convert anyone into a fan.

7. Big Fun in the Big Town
About the early days of hip hop in New York. Well worth it  - if only to see LL Cool J interviewed in his gran’s front room.

8. C-Sucker Blues, The Rolling Stones
We want our rock stars bad, right? If so, then this ticks the boxes with rampant drug use, wanton groupies and gratuitously defenestrated hotel TV sets.

9. Biggie & Tupac
Behind the scenes of Gangsta rap and specifically centered on Tupac Shakur, who was murdered in Las Vegas in September 1996, and his friend and rival Biggie Smalls, killed in March 1997 in Los Angeles. At one point, the cameraman is so scared, he’s visibly shaking. Makes you glad for a desk job.

10. Marley, Bob Marley
In life, Bob Marley gave few interviews so this is a flick with wonderful footage of the first third world superstar – and goes someway to explaining why his genre of reggae always gets you singing along – even though you’re hearing it for the millionth time.

By Niki Browes

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