How To Style Your Boyfriend, By Andy Jordan’s Girlfriend

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InStyle’s shopping editor Robyn Kotze spills the beans on how she styles her boyfriend, the musician and ex-Made In Chelsea star, Andy Jordan

Behind a well-dressed man is often a woman getting hardcore on his wardrobe (come on, admit it, you’ve all suggested a new jumper here and a cool jacket there at some point). So imagine the temptation to style your boyfriend if you were someone who works with clothes all day – if you were a fashion editor.

Luckily for her, InStyle’s shopping editor Robyn Kotze’s boyfriend is the already the super-stylish Andy Jordan – musician, ex-Made In Chelsea star and creative director of Jam Industries – but that doesn’t stop her giving his wardrobe that fashion editor’s touch. Read on for her top tips and watch our exclusive behind the scenes video from the shoot (top).

Robyn says: ‘If he’s wearing 
a jumper draped over another, make 
sure he goes for 
a different colour and never knots the sleeves’

Robyn says: ‘I’d hate it if Andy wore boot cuts or wide legs – straight legs and slim fits are timeless and WAY more flattering’

Robyn says: ‘Get him to make the turn-ups on his jeans look kind 
of accidental; 
it’s always better not to look like 
a try-hard’

WATCH Andy and Robyn at Stockholm Fashion Week

Robyn says: ‘Andy’s a laid-back kinda guy. It’s nice to reflect that in the way he dresses; unbuttoned cuffs look relaxed 
and cool’

Robyn says: ‘Layering is a great look – leave room underneath your jacket for a T-shirt, shirt, jumper…’

Robyn says: ‘If collars feel 
too much like 
the office, get him to try an oversize collarless shirt instead. And, relax…’

Robyn says: ‘I love Andy in 
a shirt made of thick, stiff material, because it can double as a jacket. Meet…the shacket! #versatile’

See the full shoot in the January 2016 issue of InStyle, out now. 

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