Ever Wondered What It's Like Being A YouTube Star? We Asked Talk Becky Talk...

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The days are long and the work is hard but it’s all worth it when you’re a top YouTuber, says Becky Sheeran

If you’re familiar with the world of YouTubers, then you’ll know the face of Becky Sheeran and her hugely successful YouTube channel, Talk Becky Talk. Becky’s girl-next-door charm has proved a huge online hit; her fans can’t get enough of her chatting about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and everything inbetween. She used to be a TV presenter, so it's no wonder she's a natural at it. She’s even got her sister (in this video) and her mum into vlogging and blogging, such is her dedication to the cause.

As part of InStyle’s Project 13, Becky and a whole host of other YouTube stars joined us at YouTube’s HQ in central London earlier this month for a brainstorming session, the results of which are still totally top secret! We can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but we’ll be able to share more with you really soon. And we can’t wait (neither can Becky).

So if you’ve ever wondered what life is like for a vlogger (it’s busy, we know that much, especially if you live in the country like Becky), check out her exclusive video to see exactly what a typical day is like. And don’t forget to watch this space and check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds for all the latest news about Project 13.

To see more of Becky, head to her YouTube channel and her blog.

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