Ryan Phillippe's Comeback Abs Will Make You Feel So 1999

Ryan Phillippe's Comeback Abs Will Make You Feel So 1999
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It's like 1999 all over again...

Ryan Phillippe, aged 42, is back and has the abs to prove it. Ryan was the object of many people’s affections during his late 1990s heyday with roles in the iconic, Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer.


Well if these latest Instagrams posts are anything to go by we finally know what Ryan did last summer, he was working on a killer body. Ding dong.

Whilst his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon is experiencing a Reese-naisssance (clever, right!) with her starring role in the smash hit TV show, Big Little Lies, it seems apt that Ryan is also back in the spotlight. After all, nothing screams come back like unveiling a killer body, just ask Mischa Barton who was spotted only yesterday looking babe’ing in a bikini shoot.


Posting snaps from his latest shoot the actor said, “despite my resting b**** face, I had fun working with @rikerbrothers today. They are awesome. and virgos too, so +! You guys better buy @mensfitnessmag this June. gonna be a good summer.” Who knew that Ryan was so into star signs? I wonder if our star signs are compatible?


The seaside shoot takes on a glamour model edge, with Phillippe posing on the rocks with the sea waves lapping around him, whilst wearing white jeans, as one does. Ryan did however complain that, ‘wet white jeans get cold.’ You don’t say, Ry, you don’t say!


hold up

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Other shots include Ryan doing press ups in butt hugging shorts and showing considerable core strength in the process as well as an image of him with his wet suit rolled down to the optimum position to show off one’s ‘V’s.’

The father of three has recently been linked to Katy Perry after the pair were spotted together at Elton John’s 70th birthday bash. If this is the case and given that set of rippling abs, let’s hope for another couple’s photo shoot on a paddle board… give the public what it wants Ryan!

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