This Real Housewife On Pack Lunches, Primark & PJ School Runs


Kyle Richards may shop in Wal-Mart but you won't catch her in Primark...

It is pretty hard to put the REAL into The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills but Kyle Richards does just that whether she’s talking about doing the school run in her pyjamas or serving the ‘t’ about her fellow cast mates. Despite that, stepping into the world of the former child actress, who made her name for herself starring in The Little House on The Prairie, even for a mere ten minutes, is akin to being in the presence of the 'cool hip mom' from Mean Girls.


In this week’s Joshington Hosts (your weekly fashion and celebrity vlog, hosted by Josh Newis-Smith) the larger than life reality star who claims she is the, “normal one,” dished the dirt on her fellow housewives.

Despite admitting she is the most likely cast member to shop at Wal-Mart and use Costco shampoo (so real right?), Kyle thinks Lisa Rinna is the most likely one to live vicariously through her children. After all, Lisa’s daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin is set to be the next Bella Hadid.


However when pressed who would most likely shop in Primark (which took some explaining), the aunt of Paris Hilton was not for turning, “ok, that’s gonna be a hard one. Only because I don’t want to say…I mean there are some of us in the cast who care more about fashion than the others and are more comfortable spending money on fashion and clothing than the others are so lets just leave it at that.” Ouch girls, ouch!


Despite admitting that her greatest fashion expense is her nude Hermes Birkin don’t expect to see Kyle dressed to the nines, 24/7, “I wake up every day at six in the morning. I have to pack snacks, I have to make breakfast for my kids, I have to drive my kids to school and I’m usually in pyjama bottoms and a sweatshirt so people don’t know the pyjamas are on the bottom with slippers.”



Even with her cunning disguise, it doesn’t mean Kyle doesn’t get judged for this lax approach to the school run, “sometimes Portia (her daughter) will say, ‘can you take your hair down? That embarrasses me.’ She calls it a pony ball because its like a half pony but I don’t pull it all the way through!” There is nothing quite like being judged by a nine year old.

Watch the video above for the ultimate Housewives ‘put down’ and find out which cast member is most likely to get, “white girl wasted!”

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