Mollie King On Her Major Strictly Come Dancing First Day Nerves


Mollie King has a whole lot going on right now: her debut solo single just dropped and she’s about to slip into some sexy sequins for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. But, despite some mega first day nerves, this pop star is UP FOR IT. Get a sneak peak at her Strictly moves in the LOLs video above (she even impersonates Claudia Winkleman through the medium of dance) and find out what we can expect below. Hint: Beyonce meets Alesha Dixon.

Mollie King is your textbook pop star: beautiful, talented and with a heavy side serving of sass. Meeting her in real life is like manually checking off these attributes and, boy, is this girl full of life right now. Launching her solo career after eight years as one fifth of The Saturdays, the singer is the definition of bright-eyed and bushy tailed when she turns up to film this week’s Joshington Hosts. Even Mollie commented after filming, “the other Strictly contestants are going to be quaking in their boots after seeing that!”

As a self confessed lover of sequins, it’s no surprise Mollie has been lured to the dance floor to take part in the 2017 series of Strictly Come Dancing. Coyly telling me she is “single,” this pocket rocket can’t wait to put her best Beyonce foot forward. What’s one of her main reasons for signing up I wonder? “Having a full face and my hair done for the show, every Saturday night.” Mollie King is officially a girl after our own hearts.

Here the Saturday night good time gal talks first day nerves at Strictly Come Dancing, You Tube’ing Alesha Dixon ahead of hitting the dance floor and why The Saturdays are still firm pals…

“I am not a precious solo singer. I totally want to be a singer/song writer but if someone sent in a song that I loved, I would totally grab it and go for it! I just want to put together an album that I think people are going to genuinely love as much as I do. I am such a huge pop fan and my latest single is just such a pop banger. I just want to create music that my girlfriends and me would have a blast listening to… and the gays of course!  

“There is no competition amongst The Saturdays! We are very different to other groups who don’t talk to each other any more and I think with us it’s a bit different because we’re all very different musically. Vanessa has gone very much down the R&B route and Una has gone with country music. So I am the only one who has stuck to this sort of very mainstream pop, so there never feels like there’s that kind of competition amongst us. We aren’t directly compared against each other by the press or our fans and we haven’t had to battle against each other in the charts, either.”

“Being solo is great because I get a say over everything and there isn’t a five-way compromise! But I was really petrified when I went out to do my first gig on my own at G-A-Y because I am so used to having the other girls next to me. To my right there would be Rochelle or if I looked to my left Frankie would be there. I just thought, ‘oh my god you are on your own girl!’ I am still very much in touch with the girls - I just got off the phone to Frankie and it doesn’t feel like any of us have lost touch at all. I miss them so much when I am travelling!”

“The first day of Strictly Come Dancing is like the first day of school. I just keep thinking, ‘who am I going to be friends with? Is everyone going to be nice?’ A few of the professional dancers tweeted me when it was announced I was taking part but I have no idea who I will be partnered with. I would love to be partnered with Kevin but he was with Frankie (Bridge) so I doubt that will happen.”


“I am YouTube’ing Aleesha Dixon on repeat for my Strictly inspiration. I’ve been watching some of the dances because I get very confused by the names of them all and by which ones are ballroom and which ones are Latin. I tried to learn the dances from YouTube too but there’s just no way! At this stage I am just planning on embodying Aleesha mixed with a bit of Beyonce - you can’t really go wrong there!”

“I am going to feel like such a dork stood next to Claudia. I think it’s amazing that two women host the show and I love Claudia! She’s just fab isn’t she? She’s so stylish and so cool! Literally if I stand next to her I’m going to feel like such a dork because of that. Then there’s Tess who is completely outstandingly gorgeous. The two of them are just killing it every Saturday night so I really hope I get to hang out with them.”

“I am practising my comebacks for the Strictly judges! They all seem completely lovely except Craig, who seems a little bit scary. I mean what if they diss you live on TV, what can you say back? I need to get practicing my comebacks. I will be gutted if I score really badly because I really want to throw myself into this and rehearse all hours of the day.”

“I am so nervous about Strictly I can’t even think about winning it. It would of course be amazing to win it but right I’m so nervous, so, so nervous and I just don’t want to be knocked out straight away because I think that I’ll be really embarrassed. I think as long as I can stay in long enough – that I feel I’ve lapped up the experience, lapped up the costumes, had a cheeky spray tan and learnt a good few dances – I will be happy!”

Hair Down, Mollie King’s latest single is out now and Strictly Come Dancing starts later this


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