How Jodie Whittaker Could Be The Most Fashion Dr Who Ever

How Jodie Whittaker Could Be The Most Fashion Dr Who Ever

Jodie Whittaker has made history by being named as the first female Doctor Who. Firstly: about bloody time. Secondly: Get ready for the most fashionable Doctor, ever.

Jodie has released a statement saying that fans of the long-running BBC show mustn't be "fearful", adding that she is a feminist who does not want to be “boxed in by what you’re told you can and can’t be.” Hear, hear.

This casting by the BBC is ground-breaking for so many reasons and, here at InStyle, we're all about fashion, style and all things chic, so our minds obviously turned to thoughts of Jodie's Doctor uniform. 

David Tennant's skinny suit vibes always ranked highly on our fashion radar, along with Matt Smith’s bow tie incarnation and those traditional checked suits with a scarf borrowed from your local school. For Jodie, though, we foresee relaxed, slouchy tailoring with an air of ‘Tom Boy.'

BBC wardrobe department, we've done your jobs for you... Here are 5 runway looks we want to see Ms Whittaker in…

Calvin Klein

The Doctor loves a double dose of check but nothing moves the heritage texture on like Raf Simons at Calvin Klein.



Strong shoulders are the cornerstone of any power-dressing look and when you are being cast as the Time Lord you need to have the silhouette to match. Here the shoulders are more relaxed, so more 2017 than 1987, but the sentiment is not weakened.


Alexander McQueen

Seductive tailoring could be a great way forward for the new Doctor when overcoming the Daleks. With a sexy AF double-breasted suit with silk accents, this is the Doctor after hours.


Alexander Wang

Nothing screams 'I am jumping into the The TARDIS, like a jumpsuit from Alexander Wang. Add a double-breasted oversized jacket and this look spells out DOCTOR sass.


The Row

Previous Doctors have been huge fans of the humble overcoat and very tonal palettes. The Row provides the perfect three-tiered tonal ensemble here for a modern Doctor in the making. Two words: power pairings.


Louis Vuitton

It’s all about getting waisted this season and well into the future, too. This Louis Vuitton look spells out: “I am the first female Doctor and what are you going to do about it, universe?”



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