5 Things We Learnt From Going To The X Factor Final

5 Things We Learnt From Going To The X Factor Final

From One Direction's love for Sam Smith to Louis weirdly becoming our favourite judge, here's what went down at the X Factor final 2014

1. One Direction haven't forgotten their roots.

The once X Factor contestants turned world dominating boyband were back to perform with none other than the legendary Ronnie Wood. Having performed their latest single to an arena full of screaming fans (we totes weren't bothered), Niall and Louis came to cheer on this year's finalists from the production area with the rest of the crew and yes, us. Singing along to Sam Smith and looking like they were genuinely enjoying themselves, it was a refreshing, if surprising, sight to see the 1D boys having a good time and maybe remembering they were in the same position once upon a time. Oh and we might have stumbled upon their soundcheck before the show started and it was awesome…we mean, whatever, not even bothered.

2. The group ensemble of all 16 contestants is our fav thing ever.

Rocking out an energetic performance of Flashdance's 'What A Feeling'', it was the cheesiest and best rendition of the 80's classic we've ever witnessed. Complete with giant light up balls being launched into the audience, lasers,  plenty of confetti and of course, a Stevi Ritchie, this is our new official guilty pleasure.


3. Jake Quickenden and Ben Haenow have a major bromance going on.

Fresh from the jungle, Jake hung out side of stage with Stereokicks and cheered on their best bro and X Factor winner Ben. And the happy couple haven't stopped there, with their very own couple name - Bake (Ben and Jake if you didn't quite get there). Still not convinced? Just check out the sheer amount of Bake selfies on Jake's Twitter . We're not jealous at all...

4. Louis has weirdly become our favourite judge?

We were as confused as you are but honestly, after seeing the long-serving X Factor judge last night, we're converted. Stepping up to defend Mel and Cheryl from the treacherous light up balls during the group ensemble, Louis became the surprise hero of the night. And it didn't stop there. Grooving to Fleur's (now legendary) performance of 'Uptown Funk', chatting to Dermot and the fans during the ad breaks and helping Mel into her seat like a true gentleman, Louis stole our hearts. Who knew? 


5. Sam Smith is truly epic.

His voice, his hair, his choir - is there any end to our fandom? Answer - no. And frankly, if you're going to have an accompanying choir it may as well be an army of 200 singers clad entirely in white and positioned on a scaffold pyramid. The urge to jump on stage and join them was strong, if only we were wearing white…

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