5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For The Voice 2015

5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For The Voice 2015

Now that new coach Rita Ora is on board, we think The Voice 2015 is going to be must-see TV

1. We’re dying to see what the new coach Rita Ora has in store. So far, the R.I.P songstress has been owning it on the style front and, each week, we’re going to be salivating to see more. And she’s such a love, sweetly declaring, 'I’m always nervous before each show, you have no idea. I have a 10-second blackout before every performance. I’m still in the process of understanding how to control my nerves.' Bless. We’re just going to lie back and bask in her Ora.

2. Actually, it’s not just Rita. It’s the Rita and Ricky Wilson Show we want to get an eye full of. Already the cheeky duo has been flirting up a storm. During the blind auditions in Manchester, Ricky emerged and declared Rita had been 'putting oil on me' while she purred back 'You’re such a flirt.' We’ve got to admit, they’re very cute together. 
3. One of reality TV’s first ever stars, former Hear’Say singer Kim Marsh, will be cheering on from the sidelines. Her 16-year daughter Emilie Cunliffe will be seen on Saturday night’s first blind audition show. It’s pure and simple (Ed: you’re fired.)
4. We want to see more of Sir Tom Jones’s mischievous side. The Welsh crooner has clearly got it on him, after all. At The Voice launch, he finished Will.i.am’s opening remark that 'the talent this year is…' by appearing to utter the word 's**t'. He later said, 'Just to clear this up, when I said the talent this year was s**t it was a joke. I like a joke. And when I said I hope that’s not a Freudian slip, that was a joke on top of a joke [we bet he was rolling his eyes at around this point.] It was not a Freudian slip. You know what I’m saying.' Exactly, Sir Tom.
5. We think that, this year, we’re going to see The Voice’s first ‘breakout star.’ Whilst the TV show attracts viewers in it’s millions, it’s yet to produce a bona fide chart topper. And coach Will.i.am thinks he knows why: 'It’s because there’s not a project manager [working with the singers], he told RadioTimes.com 'This show is a great format…but when do the singers have time to record? A project manager should be on hand for the hopefuls when they are at the height of their fame during the show’s run and just after.' Calling any suitable project managers out there…
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