Why You Should Run The Marathon In Make-up

Why You Should Run The Marathon In Make-up
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Unless you’ve been living under a mossy rock for like, ever, you’ll know it’s the London Marathon this Sunday. If you’re one of those actually running it, it’ll be the single most terrifying thing in your calendar. You’ve got your technique nailed, your hydrating schedule down, your playlist complete and your outfit laid out. Now what about your hair and make-up? Eye-rolling aside, it's more waranted than you think.

You’re probably thinking, ‘C'mon, I’ve trained my butt off for months to get my physical performance to its peak and I’ve got a mammoth challenge ahead of me so why the (insert chosen expletive) would I care what I look like whilst attempting this epic feat? Well, one answer is that it’s not anti-feminist to wear make-up whilst doing sport, it’s a personal choice. And also, other women will.

Okay, so presuming you don’t care about that, think of it like this – you’ve worked so incredibly hard, there should, and rightfully will be, a lot of pictures commemorating this huge achievement. Wouldn’t it be nice if you looked less of a hot mess?

Still no? Okay what about this one - you’ll want to go straight to the pub afterwards so having make-up already on will be a bonus.

Alright, here are some actual logical reasons to spend time on beauty before you lace up.

Lancome City Miracle (£28) is way more than make-up. The minimal coverage gives you a juicy glow but more importantly it's SPF50 (a must) and contains anti-pollution technology to protect your skin whilst running through the city smog. The wonder molecule in question is Detoxil, an active ingredient that repels the ionic bonds in metallic pollution particles like iron and lead, stopping them form being able to sit on the skin. Smart girl beauty.

Max Factor Masterpiece High Definition Water-proof Mascara (£9.99) is a sure fire products to weather the blood, sweat and tears. It coats lashes evenly so you're less likely to get clumps but more importantly it's got an extra-safe formula that's suitable for the most sensitive of eyes and contact lens compatible. The aim here is not to look like a dolly bird, just a tad more wide-eyed and less exhausted.

Topshop Sheer Lip in Applause (£8) You get to control the pigment with this so use it as a subtle tinted balm to hydrate lips or slick it on for a glossy stamp of colour. Either way, it'll keep lips hydrated for hours. Also, being the one in the dayglow lippie makes it a lot easier for your supporters to spot you.

Lastly hair, and this is serious now. Feel free to ignore all the above at your will, but ignore this at your peril. A topknot will not stay up, a high ponytail will swish to its own rhythm and annoy you no end, a low pony will sit on your neck and make you sweat even more. The only sensible hair style for running is two tightly-braided French plaits. Pulling back from the scalp they’ll expose tiny sections of the scalp to let it breathe and cool you down, all hair is kept way far from your face and the weight of them will keep them securely resting on your shoulders.

Kitsch Passionfruit Hair Ties (£7.50) come in every colour way you can dream of and are made of knotted flat fabric that has good grip to it. They're super stretchy so will wrap around any thickness of hair easily and they're also completely comfortable to wear on your wrists, which means no digging in and cutting off circulation nonsense, so you can wear a few extras just in case. Plus they kinda look like festival bands which we obviously love.


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