Here's How To Use Victoria Beckham's Sell-Out Highlighter

Here's How To Use Victoria Beckham's Sell-Out Highlighter
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It's not just bloggers who're obsessed with VB x Estee Lauder highlighter - we are too. Here's how to make it work for you. 

Victoria Beckham is the queen of highlighting. Her signature look of smoky eyes and a nude lip depend on the lift that luminous skin confers, and over the years she’s perfected the art. 

Before launching her collaboration with Estee Lauder, VB kept mum on the products she used to highlight her bone structure, but now we’re all in on the secret: Estee Lauder Modern Mercury highlighter is her go-to, and she accordingly included one in her capsule Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder make-up collection at the end of last year.


The only problem was that it was too popular, selling out every time it hit counters thanks to bloggers and beauty editors raving about it. Fortunately, clever Victoria has brought it back, including the glow-giving pan in her latest spring drop. It’s out now so move quickly if you want to get your hands on it, and once you have, apply it to these spots:

Cheekbones - Take your ring finger and swirl it in the pan of highlighter and then tap it onto the highest points of your cheeks, stroking at the edges of the colour to blend well.

Cupid’s Bow - Want to fake a fuller pout? This will do the job. Just nestle a little of the highlighter along the centre of your top lip.


Nose - Positioning is key here. You want to apply it sparingly it right down the middle of your nose, but not on the ball at the end, which just makes it look bulbous.

Collarbones - Highlighting isn’t just for the face - celebrity make-up artists often extol the virtues of using a dash on collarbones, down the fronts of arms and on shins. The easiest way to apply it to the body is with a fan brush, dusting it onto any point you’d like to emphasise.

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