The £19 Eye Gloss That's Sold Out Everywhere And Why It's Worth The Hype

The £19 Eye Gloss That's Sold Out Everywhere And Why It's Worth The Hype

YSL’s take on the 90s favourite is sold out everywhere

Back in the late 90s, eye gloss was THE product to buy. Lauded by make-up artists who liked the slightly edgy, soft focus blur it lent a smoky eye, it was seen on everyone from the Spice Girls to Gwen Stefani. But the trend was not without its casualties -  fans had a couple of gripes with the formulas of yore because they were sticky as hell and sometimes migrated through lashes and into the eye, forming a slippery veil across the eye ball. Nice.

Thankfully, YSL have come up with a new non-sticky eye gloss that’ll offer all the sheeny, shiny joys of eye gloss without the misery of being slightly blinded while wearing. YSL Eye Gloss Smudger, £18.50, is designed to be applied either on a bare eyelid to add lustre or over eyeshadow for a wet effect. It can be used across the entire lid from lash to brow, or close to the lash line to up the ante on your eye make-up. Whichever way you go, adding eye gloss is the speediest update to a make-up look you’ll find.

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Another benefit? If you struggle to apply eyeshadow evenly and find blending a bore, this makes the process a breeze - just whoosh some colour over your lid, apply the eye gloss and smudge with your finger or a cotton bud - the gloss will soften the edges out. If you’re applying to a bare eyelid, we’d recommend applying it after your mascara - that way, you can just tap it onto the centre of your lids for a little shine as you blink.

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Sold? Unfortunately, so is the Eye Gloss Smudger - everywhere. Seriously. If you find it online, snap it up quickly.

This is one trend that’s not going away anytime soon.

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