We Want Beyonce’s Mega Met Gala Ponytail

We Want Beyonce’s Mega Met Gala Ponytail

Okay so it’s obviously not the first thing the eye is drawn to (ahem) but once we’d got over the thousands of strategically placed crystals and the sheer nudity of Queen Bey’s Met Gala look last night, then we fell hard for her hair. We might not be re-creating the dress but the hair? The hair we definitely will…

It takes a real ‘do’ to stand up to that level of outfit wow factor. After all, what goes with sparkling and exposed? Practically speaking, Beyonce couldn't have worn her hair down for fear of it snagging on all the gems and a tight back ballet bun would have made her look like a figure skater for sure. So, mega pony it is then!

The beauty of a sky-high ponytail is its swoosh-ability (think of those flash bulbs popping) and the fact it pulls your facial features up and back to show off your angles.

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But how to? It’s actually super simple and as long as you’ve got some thickness and length to your hair, pretty achievable. No stress if you haven’t though, because a high quality clip-in ponytail like Hersheson’s The Invisible Ponytail, £60, will give you the same effect, you just need to match the colour well to your own hair.

1. Start with damp hair, slightly towel dried so it’s not dripping and spray Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Curl Spray, £17.50, into your mid-lengths and ends to help with curling later on.

2. Then for the roots, we love Tresemme Max The Volume Creation Spray, £5.99 because you don’t have to be fussy with how you apply it. This might sound counter productive if you’re about to pull it tightly back but it’s best to start with a lot of hair and slick it down, also you might want a slightly less extreme look than Bey’s. Your call. 

3. Blow dry your hair straight and upside down to get root lift before scraping it back with fine toothed comb into a high ponytail that starts from the very top of your crown.

4. Secure with at least two, maybe three, hardcore hair elastics to get that height and structure, we had success with Goody Colour Collection Ouchless Hair Elastics, £2 for 10. Just choose the ones that most closely resemble your hair colour because even though they’ll be concealed, it’s a safe option should they become exposed later in the night.

5. Spray your scalp with L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Supreme Hold, £3.99, and smooth down with your palms to eliminate any pesky flyaways.

6. When you’ve got your super sleek, structured tower of a pony, brush through the tail and start tonging in sections.

7. Take one curled section from underneath and wrap around the bands, fully concealing them and secure with a kirby grip that blend well into your hair colour.

8. The last step is getting that mega-watt shine and you can totally fake that with a glossing spray like BigSexy Hair Big Shine Spray, £14.95 , so mist that pony like crazy with it.

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