10 Tried & Tested Spot Treatments That Actually Work

10 Tried & Tested Spot Treatments That Actually Work
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Spot treatments may not be glamorous and they certainly aren't all that fun to have to crack out, but trust us - when you need one, you'll be mighty glad you decided to buy one.

While acne may flare up for some only around that time of the month and for others, well, most the time, there's no denying that using a little bit of a clever potion designed to take down the redness that's a result of the inflammation and also help the plug come to the surface is always a good idea. 

But before you start to dab it on, here are some rules to live by when a spot has decided to set up home on your skin.

1) Don't touch it. We know how hard it is to leave a spot alone but trust us, it'll lie flat more quickly and the plug will come to a head if you leave it alone.

2) If you're squeezing, get it right. Basically, only approach when there's a white head, wrap tissue around your fingers, and squeeze a few milimetres away from the swollen area itself. Don't go at it for ages - one squeeze horizontally from both sides and one vertically ought to do the trick. If it doesn't, the spot isn't ready so leave it alone.

3) Don't dry your skin out. A hard and fast rule if you want good skin anyway, but important nonetheless to remember when suffering from spots. If you 'dry' the top layer of your skin, you effectively make it harder for pus to escape, and don't help matters overall as your skin will be confused and might start overproducing oil as a result. Just use a good, lightweight serum and moisturiser.

4) Face masks help too. If you want to speed the process up, apply a dab of face mask to the spot or spotty area and let it have a mini facial before you put your spot cream on.

Here are the best spot treatments to snap up now... 

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