The Time That Naughty But Nice Beauty Reigned At London Fashion Week

The Time That Naughty But Nice Beauty Reigned At London Fashion Week

Because messing up make-up can be a lot of fun

Backstage at Preen, Val Garland is searching her mind for the expression to explain the smudged, crimson lips that are the stand-out feature of the make-up. “Ah!” she exclaims: ”they’ve been snogged off.” She’s bang on: the haze of lipstick is absolutely reminiscent of that moment of looking in the mirror after a long kiss to find that make-up is awry.

This naughty atmosphere came to characterise day three of London Fashion Week, and it very quickly transpired that Preen weren’t the only ones drawing inspiration from getting off with someone. Over at Roland Mouret, hair supremo Sam McKnight was teasing models’ hair into “post-passion” bedhead hair using Batiste Dry Shampoo and Hold Me Hairspray, while at Temperley London models walked down the catwalk with flushed cheeks and off-centre half updos that had more than a whiff of nookie about them.

Backstage at Topshop Unique, the burnt terracotta lips may only have been slightly blurred thanks to the addition of Lip Mattifier, but the skin betrayed the real, wild nature of the glamazon character. “She’s a rave chick under that silky, polished hair,” said Lynsey Alexander, “you can see it in the slightly sweaty skin and, of course, the clumpy black mascara that’s a party girl’s requisite.”

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Underlining all the dishevelment was a pretty positive message of empowerment that there’s nothing wrong with make-up not being quite picture perfect for all the right reasons.

“This is a woman who knows what she wants,” Garland emphasised. “If she wants to kiss a boy, she’s going to kiss a boy - and be powerful enough to wear the look afterwards. There is no such thing as a walk of shame anymore.”

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We’re inclined to agree. Lipsticks and a willing partner at the ready.

Will you be bold enough to try this one at home? 

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