A Guide To The Most Gorgeous Scented Candles Imaginable

A Guide To The Most Gorgeous Scented Candles Imaginable
Jo Malone
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Meet the candles you need for every occasion... 

Here at InStyle, we are strongly of the belief that there is no event that can't be bettered by the addition of a scented candle. Not only do they add an air of calm and a flicker of warmth that is basically like having your own Instagram filter IRL, but pick the right scent, and they’ll also affect your mood, ushering in a sense of relaxation when you’re stressed, or zen when you’ve had an annoying commute and are feeling full of rage.

As a general rule, you can apply aromatherapy principles to buying your perfect candle, so keep in mind that:

- anything citrus is uplifting and energising

- rose is calming

- lavender tends to be soporific

- and ouds and woody scents are sensual

But there are also some brilliant blends, mixing different notes, that we’ve tried out recently. Below we run through all the possible types of candle you could ever need, for every type of occasion you could ever encounter, so you'll never dither in the candle aisle again.

And, if you have a last minute hot date, you’ll know precisely which one to light to set the mood.

Tom Dixon London Scented Candle, £55

For when your fancy friend is coming over...  Tom Dixon London Scented Candle, £55

Not only will your friend be impressed by the pleasingly solid copper tin that this comes in, but expect them to also be bowled over by the hints of London that have been captured in the slight greenery spliced with metallic and earthy notes.



For when you need a holiday...thisworks Neroli & Sweet Orange Candle Ltd Edition

One sniff of this gorgeous candle imbued with sweet orange and neroli and you'll be instantly transported to the sunny Mediterranean. Designed to enrich your spirit, it'll give you the hit of summer you need to get through those cold winter months.

Available at thisworks | £25

Frederic Malle Cafe Society, £65

For that big dinner party... Frederic Malle Cafe Society, £65

Inspired by that moment when everyone’s gone home after a dinner party but the scents of revelry still hang in the air, this one suggests a good night is happening thanks to the food (think wafts of whiskey and a little warm chocolate) to the touch of smoke that’s wafting through the crack of the garden door people are smoking behind, to the mingling perfumes of guests.


For when you're sick and tired of being in a city... Jo Malone Green Tomato Leaf Scented Candle, £44

If you've ever gone into a greenhouse that's growing tomatoes, this smell will be instantly recognisable. Light it when you've come in from a long day at work and the tube was smelly and cramped and you just wish you could transport yourself to a country garden. 


For when work was just too exhausting... Neom Complete Bliss Scented Candle, £45

Equally, sometimes you’re just absolutely exhausted and need a moment of complete and utter bliss. Step in this  candle by every beauty editor’s favourite organic and ethical brand. The aromatherapeutic scent stars soothing and comforting rose, spiked with refreshing lime and black pepper makes for the ultimate moment of zen.


For your date night...  Sara Miller Indian Summer Sandalwood, Oud & Cardamom Candle, £29

Oud is known among perfumers as being the note to throw in to add a bit of depth - and sexiness. If you’re trying to dial up the romance, this is the one to crack out - the oud is joined by sandalwood, spicy cardamom and a little freshness in the form of lemon, plus the jar is ideal for creating soft, twinkling light that sets the scene perfectly… 


For when your house is a bit whiffy… Roja Dove Rose de Mai Candle, £85

Nobody makes candles as effective at expelling odours as Roja Dove, and this sweet, crisp rose works a dab hand at quickly filing a room with a fresh, outdoorsy gust of scent. Burn it before visitors come and they’ll never know you’ve skipped two weeks of cleaning.


For when you're having a bath... Diptyque Baies Scented Candle, £45

While choice of scent during bath time is exceedingly personal, if you like yours to be refreshing and restorative, get your hands on this bestseller - the blackcurrant leaf and rose combination will make you feel instantly uplifted. 

Available at Diptyque | £45

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