Rodarte SS17: 4 Reasons Why It’ll Be Your New Wedding Beauty Inspo

Rodarte SS17: 4 Reasons Why It’ll Be Your New Wedding Beauty Inspo

Close down your Pinterest board, your wedding hair and make-up dilemma’s are solved…

We love a bit of Rodarte at NYFW, in the midst of well-heeled minimalism and sporty all-Americana it’s a guaranteed haven of whimsy and we want in. Whilst we loved the romantically gothic dark lips and Tolkein-esque hair of AW16, it was the SS17 offerings that had us feeling in the mood for love. Here are the beauty notes you need to start pinning now:

1. Dreamy skin

‘This is definitely a make-up look – the Rodarte girls are one of the few designers who love make-up – but it’s still cool and simple,’ explained make-up artist extraordinaire for Nars James Kaliardos. It’s essentially a ‘you but better’ look that’s perfect for your big day. James began by applying a tinted moisturizer before using Nars’ genius new Soft Matte Complete Concealers (launch date TBC) which he says makes you look ‘perfected and less tired’ (you had us at perfected James). ‘To get that realistic hint of sun-kissed skin, the trick is to apply the blush high up on the cheekbones, not too close to the mouth, and extend it under the eyes and across the nose.’ James finished the skin with a sweep of the pale pink side of Nars’ new Eyeshadow Duos in place of an illuminator on the tops of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. His top tip? Apply a flesh-coloured khol pencil in the waterline of the eyes to make them pop (and also to fake those zzz’s if you didn’t get much the night before with pre-wedding nerves).

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2. Bejewelled nails

Wedding nail quandaries? Look no further…. The digits at Rodarte were what manicurist Traceylee described as ‘fine jewellery for the nails’ and we fell head over heels. ‘I wanted to bring some of the texture play in the collection into the nails.’ She started off by applying Morgan Taylor’s New School Nude polish onto the nails accented by a delicate ‘chain’ of glittery gold polish around the cuticle, ‘the detail is on the skin rather than the nail itself and should last a few days.' 

3. Tulle

Tulle equals wedding right? But Rodarte moved it from the dresses and into the hair for a genius detail that screams ethereal rather than twee. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert took scraps of tulle wrapped around lengths of elastic and clipped them into place hap-hazardly using generic drug-store clips she’d bought in Paris. The placement needs to feel as organic and accidental as possible for best effect.

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4. Hair goals

The golden rule of looking cool whilst dressing up (and you can’t get more dressed up than a wedding dress let’s face it) is to dress down your hair texture. To get the beautifully tousled texture at Rodarte, Odile applied conditioner (bear with us) to the models’ hair before using a diffuser to dry it in (no brushes allowed!). The effect was a gorgeously natural ‘done but undone’ look and we fell head over heels for it.

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