From Celebrities To Nail Artists, Prepare To Be Inspired By These Fantastical Nail Art Designs

From Celebrities To Nail Artists, Prepare To Be Inspired By These Fantastical Nail Art Designs
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Nail art and designs are ruling celebrity manis right now. We've rounded up the hottest designs around... Which will you try?

We've all done it. Fallen into that Instagram black hole, scrolling through endless nail art accounts looking for inspiration. Whether it's wire nails or negative space nails, the appeal of the newest, cool and creative nails is just SO addictive. Even if you never, ever intend to actually recreate the looks yourself, there's something curiously relaxing about checking out the hottest new nail art designs. So to make sure you find the best celebrity nails, and the newest Instagram inspo we've rounded up the best nail art accounts on instagram as well as wierdest and most wonderful creations celebrities' (from Gigi's $2000 gem nails to Rita Ora's $58,000 numbers). And if you fancy trying it yourself. We've also got a quick and easy video on how to do nail art at your desk. Who knew it was that easy?

1. Make sure you're starting with bare nails. Not chipped, not half painted, bare. There's no time for removing old varnish and painting over isn't the one.

2. Place a piece of tissue down on your desk (a Pret napkin works wonders) so you paint your nails, not your workspace.

3. Take a set of small white round stickers (the kind you use to mark a calendar with those much-needed holiday days if you're super old school and don't have a phone…) and place each one over the cuticle of your nail so a half moon shape covers your nailbed.

4. Choose your fave shade (or shades, if you're feeling a bit extra)

5. Paint your whole nail, going over the sticker as well.

6. Leave to dry and consider reading some emails. Decide you don't want to do any work and read the rest of this article instead. Good decision.

7. Once fully dry, peel off the stickers one by one to reveal a half moon shape of bare nail, the rest of your nail painted and perfect curve dividing the two. Thanks stickers.

8. Finish with a top coat for glossy, keyboard proof nails and voila! A last minute mani done at your desk, perfect for showing off at post-work drinks.

For more nail design ideas and top tips, whether it's with pens, kits or in a salon, check out these fun manicures…

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